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There are reasons why most people justify buying a Louis Ruitton replica over authentic ones. Getting an LV merchandise with a cheap price sounds like a bargain, and who will even notice the difference of the replica Louis Vuitton you have without a closer inspection?

Usually, the price of designer products like the ones from LV may be slightly out of the affordable range for most people and are often considered as luxury goods.

The allure to buy a cheaper alternative compared to saving for a luxury good is appealing but here are the moral reasons why you should stay away from Louis Vuitton replicas.

Louis Vuitton Replicas Are Not Legal

Anything produced as a counterfeit must be a result of so many copyright infringements making it illegal. Designer brands have trademarks that set them apart from similar merchandise giving the consumer an easy time identifying with a particular brand.

Louis Vuitton replica manufacturers aim to deceive this trust and produce low-quality handbags that wear and tear easily, and may, in turn, end up tarnishing the good image of a reputable brand. If you purchase any imitation knowingly then you are supporting such illegalities. You should consider saving some money and buying yourself or your loved ones the real thing.

How Are Fake Louis Vuitton Manufactured?

Most counterfeit Louis Vuitton products get their funding from organized crime and cartels. Often there are young children who are exploited, underpaid and subjected to work in poor conditions in these manufacturing companies found in developing countries.

Most of the money emanating from the sales of such Louis Vuitton knock-offs will go into the funding of illegal activities like human trafficking, drugs, and prostitution.

They Are Knock-offs That Looks Cheap

Cheap products often compromise on quality and trying to make a cheap product look expensive is a fallacy. Replica Louis Vuitton are made from cheap leather and low-quality materials.

Sometimes the colors may be uneven and the general stitching may be misaligned. The craftsmanship of authentic designers is top-notch and the workmanship unrivaled. Trade secrets make it impossible to produce a good duplicate.

You Are Causing A Loss To LV

Buying fake Louis Vuitton products kills the creativity and inspiration of the designers. It takes a lot of time and money to come up with a creative concept and the effort should not be sold at throwaway prices.

The process begins with initial sketches before extensive outsourcing of the finest materials to be used which are often expensive. The stitching is done by experts who ensure all bags are perfect before they reach the shelves of your local store.

Additionally, defending cases of copyright and trademark infringements are costly and this may prompt designer companies to sell their merchandise at considerably high prices to recover the cost.

How To Ensure You’re Not Being Scammed With A Louis Vuitton Replica

Unfortunately, spotting the difference between a Louis Vuitton replica over an authentic one may sometimes be difficult. However, Louis Vuitton make their authentic merchandises stand out.

They include:

  • Price
  • Logo
  • Serial codes
  • Country of origin
  • Color and texture of their material

Do an intensive research before you buy a preloved Louis Vuitton to ensure that you’re not being cheated. Make sure you’re familiar with all the characteristics of an authentic LV so that you do not get scammed with a Louis Vuitton replica.


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