muscle electrode stimulator

EMS stands for “electrical stimulation of muscles”. In recent years, there has been much media attention in the media about EMS as an effective way to help people with various health problems. Not only this, EMS units have also been used as pain and soreness muscle relief tools, they remove the tension on muscles after an extensive working out. In this article, we will give you several reasons why you should use muscle stimulator for your health.

How are muscle stimulators helpful?

Muscle stimulators work best for people who want to recover from surgeries or injuries, people who are trying to warmup before working out and generally, people who want to relax and enjoy a good massage sessions. Via transmitted electrical muscle stimulation waves, EMS units can not only relieve music pain but also serve as a fat burner, recover joints and repair damaged muscles.

In addition, the best EMS units out there are used to help people with movement disorders (such as strokes) to prevent muscle wasting and regain movement, even on a limited scale.

Can muscle stimulators help build muscle?

Contrary to popular belief, muscle stimulation machines alone cannot grow muscles. Why? The answer is simple; it is because in order to grow muscles, you have to first drive it to the point where all muscle fibers are torn down. This allow the body to provide protein to fill those tears and build stronger and bigger muscle tissue. This muscle tear is, at least in part, the result of work on the whole range of motion. Even the best EMS units cannot do this; instead, what they do is help you warm up correctly which is very essential for a good work out session.

Pressure ulcer prevention

People at risk of pressure ulcers are advised to use electrical muscle stimulators. Pressure ulcers are common problems in patients that are linked to wheelchairs, beds and other equipment, which results in constant pressure on certain areas of the body.

Electrical muscles stimulators can be placed on the places where pressure is put the most. This treatment can produce significant results in terms of maintaining a good glute and avoiding deformities, which can be effective in reducing the incidence of pressure ulcers.

Is TENS treatment safe?

There are a few individuals who should not engage in this, or any type, of electrical stimulation without first consulting their doctor, including:

Pregnant women: Although the TENS device itself is not expected to pose a threat to the health of pregnant women, no sufficient scientific study has been conducted to confirm with certainty that it poses no threat to the fetus development. Therefore, we advise that pregnant women not to use any EMS units during the pregnancy period.

People with epilepsy: Epilepsy is a neurological condition related to how electrical impulses are processed by the brain. Therefore, many doctors believe that it is theoretically possible that electrical stimulation of the muscles could trigger an epilepsy attack. It should be noted that there is currently no conclusive evidence that this would happen. But there is also no conclusive evidence that this would not be the case.


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