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Have you realized more and more people are moving to St Helens these days? Well, these happenings are not without good reasons. People have discovered the amazing benefits of living in St Helens. In fact, some have even gone ahead to own properties because this is where they want to settle down.

St Helens, a large town in Merseyside is the administrative centre of the Metropolitan Borough of St Helens. It is located in the southwest of the historic county of Lancashire with a population of more than 100,000. It is midway between Liverpool and Manchester. That’s why you will find people living in St Helens and they are working either in Manchester or Liverpool.

Why should you move to St Helens?

If you are wondering if moving to St Helens right now will be beneficial to you and your loved ones, before you even know the many advantages you can get if you relocate here, just know that you are about to make an awesome decision. This special town has a lot to offer to its occupants. Of course, this is not enough information for you to start looking for a home for sale in St Helens.

You need to be sure you are making the right move and if this is what you really want. If this describes you, then don’t worry, just make an effort to read this post until the end. I’ll share everything you need to know about St Helens and the benefits you stand to gain if you chose to move here.

Affordable lifestyle

The reason why many people will avoid certain places is due to high standards of living. This is absolutely understandable considering we are all living in hard economic times and we are looking for ways to save that extra coin. However, life in St Helens is not that expensive. You can easily get a house to rent at a lower rate compared to the nearby cities of Manchester and Liverpool.

The same case applies to owning a property. It’s easier to get a house for sale here and the prices are friendlier. If you need help while looking for one, contact Stapleton Derby. The real estate agents from this agency will gladly arrange surveys and assist you with everything related to getting a new home in St Helens for your family.


Commuting from St Helens to nearby towns has never been a problem. It is just 13 miles to Liverpool and 22 miles to Manchester. The airports are also at a closer range with Liverpool John Lennon being 14 miles and Manchester airport being 28 miles. Meaning, you can comfortably live at St Helens while your workstation is located either in Liverpool or Manchester. Commuting won’t take much of your time nor will it get into your way of doing things. So, if living either in Manchester or Liverpool is costing you, then consider relocating to St Helens. You’ll still manage your job but this time around you will be living in a gorgeous inexpensive town.

Improved quality of life

If you are looking forward to living in an area that is going to assist you to improve your standard of living, then that place should be St Helens. This town is home to extremely hardworking fellas who are ready and willing to toil and moil just to make their town great.

One of the most renounced activities here is the manufacturing of glass. St Helens is actually known as the home of glass and coal around the globe. They do their work with lots of expertise and commitment. You will definitely love the outcome. On top of that, the town is the hub for renewable energy. With such incredible resources, you are guaranteed your quality of life will continue to get better as long as you are a resident of St Helens.

Its massive history

St Helens is a town full of interesting history and it will take you years to learn everything. Thus, if you love history, moving to St Helens will be super beneficial to you. You’ll have activities to engage in during the weekends or any other day you are not going to work.

Home to incredible venues

If you are currently living in an area whereby if you aren’t going to work, you spend your time indoors simply because you lack anything else better to do, moving to St Helens will be a big break for you. That is because here you can do a lot if you are an outgoing person.

The town has a number of state-of-the-art venues that you can always hang out whether alone or with friends anytime you want to relax, rest and unwind. The venues have beautiful views such that it’s difficult not to fall in love with the place no matter the number of times you’ve been there. Besides, any time you have an event and you don’t want to host it at home, getting a venue here will be pretty easy. You’ll just need to look around and choose the one you like.

A welcoming community

For someone who cares about his inner peace and that of his family, the community matters a lot. No one wants to live in an area with undisciplined kids and adults who don’t value life. But when it comes to St Helens, this is something you shouldn’t worry about. The people here are very welcoming and caring. They also value friendship and you won’t feel lonely the moment you move here. Fortunately, you don’t have to be working in St Helens to live here. If commuting for a few miles is not a problem, then, by all means, move here and live among people who care about each other.

Time to move to St Helens

If you are now convinced, then go ahead and make St Helens your new home. One thing you should be confident about is the fact that St Helens is a great place to call home. Even those who have moved to other areas for whatever reasons still consider St Helens home. The town is beautiful, welcoming and has a homey feel. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you considere moving to St Helens. Buy a ready house or buy a piece of land and build your dream home. You deserve to live in such a developed area with modern amenities.
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