muddy water

Have you ever noticed that the water in your tap has changed from crystal clear and clean to cloudy overnight? More often than not, this is not something you can foresee so you can act before it happens. So you might be shocked to learn that changes in water clarity can occur almost immediately and without any notice. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify the cause as soon as you notice a change in the color of your water.

As soon as you notice any coloration from your water system, reach out to experts who will thoroughly check and filter out unwanted particles through reverse osmosis membranes. Of course, it can be concerning if you notice brown water in your sink and toilet. Here are a few typical reasons why this disturbing phenomenon occurs.

Why your water turns brown?

If a brown coloration suddenly occurs, it can signify that your home’s filtering system or water source has changed. This is because it has sediments, minerals, rust, and other elements that affect its appearance.

The number one cause of colored water in the home is a high concentration of natural minerals in the water supply, such as iron and manganese. Minerals are heavier than water and can settle in pipes when water usage is low.

Furthermore, you may notice coloration in your water when you first turn on the tap after being away on a long vacation. However, your water should return to its normal color as you run it.

Your pipes are probably old

If you have rusty pipes, this is a bigger problem that needs professional plumbing assistance. Despite the fact that pipes have a lengthy lifespan, corrosion is always a possibility. Your pipes may become rusted if your home’s pipes are severely corroding. This can result in the water in your home taking on a brownish color. This will only deteriorate worse with time and can result in a leak. In these circumstances, a plumber’s investigation and repair services are essential. It may be wise to consult a specialist if the water in your home has suddenly gone brown. You should run your water for around an hour before hiring a specialist.

Minerals are disturbed

A disturbance in the minerals or sediments in your water is one of the most frequent causes of browning in residential water. In addition, it can be disruptive if construction or work is being done on the main water line. Typically, this issue will resolve in a few hours.
Other potential causes can include:

  • The city’s water system may have had recent maintenance, which might have changed the flow rate through the water lines and caused the water to become discolored.
  • The water lines in your city have altered pressure.
  • Your home’s older water lines are corroding.
  • High rainfall or dry periods have altered the water table.
  • Heightened demand for water during droughts.
  • The filtration apparatus is malfunctioning.


Although having access to clean water is crucial, many people today also take it for granted. You can enjoy clear, pure water for a very long period; things can happen that could make this change. For example, you could sometimes notice that your water abruptly turns brown. Once you see any signs tha your water changes color, ensure to reach out to specialists for the right treatment.


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