jetted heated therapy bathtub

If you have ever tried air bubbles massage, you probably know the answer to the question above. However, if not, we highly recommend trying it out as soon as possible. Jetted tub is a synonym to a luxurious lifestyle, great relaxation, and improved physical and mental health of its user. However, many people are missing an opportunity to install a jetted tub at their dwelling and, consequently, lose the chance to experience great pleasure. So, why are you still hesitating?

Get Your Tub from a Trusted Manufacturer

Aquatica is a company that will be able to fulfill all your needs during the procedure of purchasing your jetted bathtub and even after you buy it. Let’s dive into more details and have a precise overview of the features that the company offers:

Awesome materials. The company’s bathtubs are made in Europe, which guarantees quality and the utmost attention to details during the production. Moreover, composite materials used to make the tubs are both environmentally friendly and simple to clean.

The widest range of tubs and features. Aquatica offers a catalog of more than 100 variants to choose from, ensuring that they have a bathtub to fit any room. Besides, the company’s jetted tubs arrive with unique functions such as pre-installed LED lights, audio systems with subwoofers, and dual pump systems for large models. All of Aquatica’s tubs are carefully designed to have optimal depth and length for all clients, irrespective of the body constitution.

Need a Freestanding Tub? Not a Problem!

A freestanding tub can become a key element of your bathroom’s design; so, make sure to get the best of it. Aquatica’s range of freestanding tubs, available at, covers the needs of the most demanding customers. Once again, there are tubs of all shapes and sizes, suitable for any space, with variants for one or two people available. Make sure to check out the list and find a perfect bath for you!


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