A paper trimmer is a cutting tool with built-in measuring guides and grids to precisely trim your paper or anything similar. It’s easy to get confused between a paper trimmer and a paper guillotine. A paper trimmer has a blade on its track that can be slid up and down, whereas a paper guillotine has a handle with an attached blade that can be moved up and down. Paper trimmer is also known as a rotary trimmer, rotatrim, paper cutter, rotary paper cutter, sliding paper cutter, photo trimmer.

You might have loads of cardstock at home and need a cutting tool to cut your card stock for the beautiful projects you’ll make. A scissors can’t be considered as it’s difficult to cut a straight line with it. Rulers and craft knives can be used, but we recommend picking a paper trimmer to trim your papers or card stock. In this article, we have discussed the benefits you will get by keeping a paper trimmer in your home.

Precise Cut

If you ever tried to slice a paper at your home, you surely know how difficult it is to cut a paper-piece at a fixed measurement. Even with rulers and pencils, it is hard to cut accurate lines according to the measurements. Besides, you will end up with a few pencil lines or a dip to the point where you have changed scissor position. In this case, a trimmer becomes very handy. It has a ruler attached to it to shape your papers and cards along lines.

Fine Edge

When you start preparing for project reports or invitation cards, you will need to trim the papers. You can begin to do it with your scale, blade, and scissor. But you will have rough edges in the end. Using a paper trimmer will help to have smooth edges providing a decorous look.

Time & Stress Saving

Sometimes you will need to prepare multiple pages within a short period which is very difficult to do. But you can easily do that using a trimmer. Thus, it saves your time, minimises your stress, as well as boosts the productivity rate.

Cut Through the Centre

A paper trimmer is a versatile tool. Besides cutting cards most paper trimmers come with a scoring attachment. This makes it easier to size your paper at the centre, which you can’t do even with a guillotine.

Whether you are creating business cards or invitations for personal use or office projects, it will be more constructive & comfortable to do the task using a paper trimmer. Also, your work will have a professional touch. There are cutters and trimmers of different sizes and widths to fit your measurements. Now that you know the benefits of having a paper trimmer at home it’s time to buy one.


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