cars on street in new york

If you have recently found yourself thinking about this question, forget everything you had known about car rentals before! A common perception of vehicle rentals mainly includes long queues that you have to stand in to receive your car, filling in tons of useless papers, and inconvenient pick-up/drop-off times. However, there is one luxury car rental NYC that will inevitably change your experience with vehicle rentals forever.

Sounds Intriguing! What’s So Special About This Company?

The company’s name is Realcar, and it offers extraordinary services at reasonable prices. Well, this phrase may not sound do persuasive, but you should consider the following advantage: Realcar would deliver your vehicle to any place within New York City and its metropolitan airport areas. Yes, that is right, absolutely any point you choose within the city limits. What is more, Realcar would send a concierge to pick up your car after you finish your ride. All you need to do is specify the time and places convenient to you, and the company will care about all other issues. There are no queues, paperwork, waiting time, or anything that prevents you from driving your luxurious vehicle around one of the largest and the most impressive cities in the world.

What Vehicles Are Available?

The company’s fleet at the moment consists of 9 premium class cars. Among them are BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Porsche. However, there is one particularly interesting model – Mercedes G550. Choosing to rent a Mercedes G Wagon for a ride across New York is possibly the best decision you can make since this 5-seated, brawny, steel monster is perfectly suited for a city like The Big Apple. It has a heated steering wheel and seats for cold winters and a power sun-roof for warmer weather. Its spacious leather interior provides you with an unprecedented level of comfort, whether you are a driver or a passenger.


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