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Marriage may be the second most difficult thing you will ever do. The first of course, is raising children.

The act of choosing a person to spend your life with is an enormous commitment, and while we are young and in love may seem the easiest decision. However, a few weeks, months, years, or even decades into a marriage we may experience some shifts in perspective. Whether it is changing circumstances or a breakdown of communication, marriage counselling is recommended and encouraged for couples in long term relationships.

Here are a few signs that you and your partner should maybe consider marriage counselling.

1. A Breakdown of Trust

Whether the trust has broken due to an affair, a lie, or erratic behaviour, once trust is broken it is a much longer and frequently painful journey to re-establish. A neutral, non-threatening environment may facilitate healthy communications rather than a circular or aggressive discussion.

2. Big change in Circumstances

Marriage, children, loss of job, moving to a new city, or death in the family can all have significant impacts on individuals and as a result their relationship. You may require personal grief counselling or to see a regular psychological counsellor by yourself. Or you may wish to book a marriage counselling appointment to help see how you and your partner can move forward together as a team.

3. Poor Communication

If you feel your arguments are continuously the same or that you do not feel like your voice is being heard, you may and find yourself frustrated with your significant other. Then it may be time to sit down with a professional counsellor. This safe space can help facilitate communication and teach both of partners valuable skills on how to open up, listen, and improve the relationship!

4. Conflict brings out the disfunction in you

It may be easy to be around your partner and feel loving when everything is okay, but how we handle conflict can be extremely telling of the relationship. If you find you and your partner getting into dysfunctional behaviour during a conflict, such as violence, shutting down, lashing out, passive aggression, or vengeful thinking then you may consider making a psychologist appointment. There you will be able to learn healthy and constructive ways of dealing with conflict and help you and your partner work together as a team.

5. You are stuck in bad patterns

When you are in a marriage it may be possible to fall into bad habits and bad patterns. Between work, stress, and children you may have lost time and intimacy for one another. say a counselling session will help you identify areas of difficulty and help you back onto the road of happiness.

It is understandable that many people experience shame and fear associated with getting help in a relationship, however you should not feel that way. It is perfectly normal to have clashing ideas with another human being. Every single person on this planet had a unique upbringing, habits, views, and reactions. Marriage counselling is not a miracle solution; however, it can provide you with a safe space to sit down and come back to the core of your relationship.


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