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Sex crimes are a serious offense and come with some of the strictest penalties of any crime in most states in the USA. Wrongful accusations of sex crimes are far rarer than certain groups would like you to believe, but they do, occasionally, happen. If you are wrongfully accused of a sex crime, this can be absolutely devastating and potentially completely life-ending if you do not have good, reliable legal support to help you through a difficult court case.

We are here to help you establish what you need to do in the event that you are wrongfully accused of a sex crime in the state of Arizona. Below, you will find our basic guide, from the different types of crimes that fall into this category and the penalties that you could face for sex crimes if convicted. We will also introduce you to the process of finding a reliable criminal attorney to defend you from wrongful conviction in court. Stay calm, take things slowly and carefully, and follow our guide to find the support you need.

Types of Sex Crimes

Sexual offenses are a very serious crime and one that inspires a deep emotional reaction in many people. Genuine sex crimes are a serious problem, and false accusations are rare, but they still happen and can still do a huge amount of damage to those on the receiving end of the accusations. Here is a full list of the main categories of different sexual offenses of which you might be accused in the state of Arizona.

  • Child Pornography and Crimes against Minors – This is one of the most serious categories of crime in Arizona, covering several different offenses. These range from the possession or distribution of child pornography, or distributing obscene materials to a minor, to sexual contact with a minor, child exploitation, or luring a minor for sexual exploitation. All of these are extremely serious and not to be taken lightly.
  • Sexual Assault and Abuse – There are several different categories of sexual assault and abuse, all of which combine violent crimes with sexual offenses, and therefore come with very strict penalties.
  • Prostitution and Solicitation – In the state of Arizona, both the act of prostitution and the solicitation of prostitution are illegal; Arizona has very little support for sex workers, and these crimes are commonly used to target sex workers.
  • Public Indecency – Both the act of indecent exposure and public indecency are sexual offenses in Arizona. These are very similar but subtly different offenses, and you may well end up charged with both simultaneously rather than just one of them.
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender – If you have been previously convicted of sexual offenses in another state and then move to Arizona, you are required to register as a sex offender. Failure to register can lead to severe penalties due to potentially putting others at risk by failing to disclose your history.

Sex Crime Penalties in Arizona

Sex crimes in the state of Arizona carry very harsh sentencing ranges – often stricter than second-degree murder! Even the very lowest levels of sexual offense felony come with 1 year in prison as standard, and that is even before you factor in the impact on your ability to find employment in the future. These criminal penalties are no joke, and it is essential that you seek reliable legal representation as soon as you possibly can when you are accused of sex crimes.

Finding a Criminal Attorney for Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are a field that, unfortunately, unscrupulous attorneys like to take advantage of. Sex crime accusations can be devastating, and those on the receiving end of the accusations are frequently desperate. Bad lawyers see this as an easy way to make some quick cash from the desperate, and this is a dangerous trap for many people.

You need to ensure that you only work with a legitimate law firm that has your best interests at heart, as long as you are genuinely innocent. Stick with larger and more reputable firms such as Cantor Law; you can simply head over to https://dmcantor.com to check out the range of services they offer for those in need of legal support surrounding sex crimes.


Sex crimes are a difficult field, but a good lawyer can help to prevent a wrongful accusation from ruining your life. Your first step on being accused should always be to seek legal representation from a reputable firm; a good criminal attorney can help you in this situation more than any other support possible.


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