Man installing alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels on roof

The most abundant energy resource we have is solar energy. Using solar energy in your home lowers your family’s carbon footprint while helping you save money on your electricity bill. The initial investment of installing solar panels is steep, but it pays off in the long run.

Are you thinking about installing solar panels on your roof? It’s important to consider your installer options before making a final decision.

Below is a quick guide on factors to consider when selecting a home solar panel installer. Invest in someone you can trust.

Look for Strong Referrals and Experience

You wouldn’t let just any person climb on your roof, right? This is especially true if they’re permanently installing something, such as solar panels.

Double-check for ample solar installation experience when selecting a contractor or company to install panels. Look at client testimonials on the company website, or ask your potential contractor for a list of referrals.

They should know how to properly install the panels without damaging your roof and have quick problem-solving skills in the case of an obstacle.

Set Up a Quick Home Visit

While reading online reviews gives you a good peek into the nature and experience of an installer, it’s important to arrange a home visit. Chatting in person with a contractor gives you a feel for their work ethic, expertise, and personality.

Plus, having them take a look at your home and roof will give them a better idea of the scale of the project and potential problem areas. Home visits are beneficial for both parties.

Ask for an Honest Estimate

Googling ‘solar provider near me‘ on your computer is the easy part. Getting an honest and detailed estimate is a bit trickier.

Unfortunately, many companies and private contractors have taken advantage of households by providing unfair estimates and hiding costs. Do your research of what a typical installation costs, and ask the potential installer for a price estimate.

If the estimated price is higher than you expected, ask them to provide a price breakdown. If the price is much lower than expected, ask if there’s a possibility of surprise add-ons later down the road.

Carefully skim through their past reviews to guarantee they’re not known for ripping people off!

Finding a Home Solar Panel Installer Fit for Your Home

We’re all grateful to have a roof over our heads. Make sure this roof stays intact during your upcoming solar panel installation. Consider the above-mentioned factors when choosing a home solar panel installer so you can benefit of the solar energy.

Ask for past experience and client referrals, especially when working with a private contractor. Schedule a home visit to discuss the project plan, and get a clear price estimate before starting the job.

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