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Let’s face it – remodeling your kitchen can be a pretty exciting project. The chance to spruce everything up, put a new spin on your interior design, or even take your home decor in a totally different direction; redoing your kitchen can be a blast.

But fun as it is, a kitchen remodel is not without its challenges. And probably the biggest challenge you’ll face is where to spend your money best.

There are plenty of difficult decisions to be made, and even with the best budgeting skills around, you’ll still have to choose to save in some areas to allow you to splurge in others. Got your heart set on installing a natural stone veneer? You might have to rethink the chunky marble countertops. You get the picture.

So without further ado, here’s a quick guide to where best to spend your budget during your next kitchen remodel.


Your appliances will probably be the things you use most in your kitchen, so you need to think hard about them. When it comes to buying appliances, practicality is essential. It is always worth looking for energy-efficient devices that come with a decent warranty so that you can save in the long term.

Do a little research into the expected life of your kitchen appliances, and spend your big money on the things that should last the longest. For example, you’ll probably have to buy a new fridge within fifteen years, however much you spend, but your range can last far longer, so it could be worth a splurge.

It is also worth thinking about your lifestyle and tailoring your appliances accordingly. For example, if you’ve got a large family, it might well be worth splashing out a little more on a dishwasher and avoiding endless washing up!


Your countertops might well be the centerpiece of your design (particularly if you’ve gone for an eye-catching kitchen island!), so they can be worth spending a decent chunk of your budget on. However, there are a few ways you can save money and still make a statement. Stone countertops can be quite expensive, but prices vary depending on the quality, so pick a slightly lower grade of granite, save big, and get a better return on your investment.


Cabinet costs can vary hugely, and there are plenty of places that you can cut costs, but also plenty of areas that do need a little investment.

Surprisingly, cabinet material is somewhere where you can make savings. There are some great quality veneers out there these days that are pretty much indistinguishable from solid wood and offer a luxury look without the price tag. But make sure sides and shelves are plywood, not particle board, as they need to be more robust.

Don’t try and cut corners on installation costs – get people who know what they are doing to sort everything out. Installing a kitchen is harder than it looks! But you absolutely can avoid spending money on drawer and cabinet inserts, as you can pick these up at any home store.


Finally, tiles. You can save money with ceramic tiles when it comes to backsplashes, but you should, ahem, splash out on porcelain for your floors as it is more durable. That said, porcelain is a cheaper option than stone but looks great and lasts for years. If you want value for money, go for a stone-effect porcelain to give your kitchen the rich, luxurious ambiance you deserve!

A kitchen remodel is a grand project, but well worth the effort, and with a bit of thought and research, you can find room in your budget for everything you desire!


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