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Betting real money at your favourite online casino is always a lot of fun and the payouts can be massive. However, overspending is an issue for a lot of iGamers, who spend money they do not have. Bankroll management is all about having control over how you spend your money when playing slots.

It will prevent you from losing all of your funds and being left with nothing. It makes your winnings last longer and therefore gives you the chance to go for those golden jackpots and bonuses. You should see your bankroll is the same way as any other entertainment expense, where you do not expect winnings every single time. This keeps you in control.

So What Does Bankroll Mean?

There is no exact way to follow bankroll management techniques. Essentially though, it comes down to asking yourself, what percentage of the money that you have to play, should you put down in one slot session.

The size of your individual bank roll depends entirely on what you are playing. If you are playing penny slots, you do not need as much money as if you were playing pound slots. As a guide, for what you are going to bet, your bankroll should be roughly 200 hundred to three hundred times that size. Another general rule, is betting one to five percent of your entire bankroll, to prevent all of your money draining away too quickly.

Some other helpful tips include:

  1. Slow down the speed at which you play. This will mean you can cut your losses and stay in control of your bankroll. Most iGamers play too fast, but if you the your time, you can keep in control.
  2. Choose the right stakes. Look for slots with larger return to player percentages (RTPs). This gives you a better chance of getting your money back. If you get lucky though and hit a jackpot, this may change your bankroll slightly.
  3. Keep in mind at all times, the goal is to have fun while you play. Having a bankroll management scheme will help you do this and allow you to gradually handle your winnings effectively.
  4. Be ready to move to online slots with lower pay ins, to keep your bankroll in check.
  5. Cash out your winnings more regularly and do not think that you are invincible. Think of each new spin as a different thing from the last.
  6. Use your free spins, as this will give your bankroll a helping hand.
  7. Go for slots with big welcome bonuses and make your money do all the hardest work. Particularly for seasoned slot players such as yourself, big welcome bonuses really help to boost your bankroll.

Use Your Bankroll Effectively

Playing at real-money online slots will be simpler and more relaxing when you know how to manage your bankroll effectively. Work out what stakes apply to you and your personal situation, be aware of when to stop even if you are winning and use the benefits from good RTPs and jackpots.


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