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Many people think that kilts and skirts are the same thing but that’s a bogus lie. There are many differences between them and just few similarities like they are both worn wrapped around the waist. If you are also unaware of the differences between them both then don’t worry because this article will help you differentiate between the two.

Kilt is also known as a skirt for men and is typically worn in Scotland and Ireland. They are known as their traditional dresses. Kilts are only worn by men whereas skirts are only worn by women and you can find them in every corner of the world. Both of these outfits are unique and stylish in their own way.


Even though skirts may seem like a modern day dress but their history dates back to the ancient Egyptian era. In that times, they were meant for men only. If you go back in time even further then you’d remember that the caveman (both woman and men) used to wear skirts made from animal skin, to provide protection and coziness.

In the modern era, skirts are known as women’s apparel. A skirt is nothing but a piece of garment that go around your body and cover your bottom part. Skirts are available in a variety of styles, lengths, sizes, and made from different materials like leather, silk, denim, and many others. When it comes to skirts, you are free to make any changes you like. You can have them completely plain and simple, or add a lot of detailed embroidery, it’s completely up to you.


Kilts is a sort of skirt that can only be worn by men and to be historically accurate, Scottish men only. Kilts have been around for many centuries and they hold a great historical and cultural value to people of Scottish descent. They are usually made from wool material with tartan pattern on them, which belongs to a certain clan or family of the Scotsman. Each clan or family have their own unique tartan pattern associated to them and they are not allowed to wear tartans that belong to different clans or families.

In the beginning, kilts were only worn by the Scottish army as the uniform. They also featured safety armor and freedom of movement that greatly helped soldiers during the war. According to the Gaelic culture, a kilt is basically knee-length garment that is worn as wrapped around the body and it features pleated back. Typically, kilts are made from wool material but nowadays you will see them in cotton, leather, and denim materials.

Additionally, kilts are also used as a symbol to show pride and celebrate the great Scottish culture. Nowadays, more and more men are wearing kilts in their everyday life and some people also wear them to work. And because of such high demand, many other types of kilts like Modern Kilts, Hybrid Kilts, Leather Kilts, and Tartan Utility Kilts were introduced.

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