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When we think of a psychic, we tend to have a fixed notion in our heads. We think of the heavily accented, eastern bloc, a mystical eyed lady with the crystal ball. This, in reality, is not true. A psychic can come in many forms. There are different levels and classifications of supernatural ability that are all designated separately from your Stereotypical crystal ball psychic. In fact, psychic abilities are a lot more common than you think. People tend to ignore them in favor of western science and institutionally approved tools of observation. But the fact of the matter is that there are psychics among us. Who knows? Maybe you are a psychic. Here are some ways To find out if you’re one.

Keen Intuition

Psychic ability is very closely linked to intuition. Intuition is that feeling you have in the back of your mind that you just cannot shake. It could be a bad vibe, a good call, or even a predilection toward something. Have you ever just felt as if something was the right decision? Have you ever felt as if a person that everybody deemed as amazing isn’t what her/she seems? These are points of intuition. In effect, intuition is one of the budding signs of psychic ability in everyday people. We accept intuition as a real thing in everyday life, yet we have very little means to measure it. It’s an acceptable psychic ability. Nobody questions an intuitive individual for making certain decisions. See? We all agree with psychic abilities. We just called it a different thing.

Tapping Into Flow States

There is energy all around us. Some of us have the ability to make decisions for ourselves and guide our movements around said energies. There’s a level of timing that we see and people who are excellent at what they do. Most of us call it experience. But if you watch a musician in the throes of their craft, or an athlete masterfully controls their body in almost superhuman ways, then you have seen people move and make decisions off of The energies around them. Malcolm Gladwell, as well as many other journalists, have called this “flow“. A flow state is no different from having psychic abilities. It is a wonderfully fine-tuned skill set that allows one to execute an objective without thinking. When psychics are giving a reading, or dipping into the energies of which they are sensitive to, activity in the frontal lobe reduces down to a minimum. They are effective in a state of flow.

Artistic Creativity

Psychic ability is the second cousin of artistic creativity. If you find yourself feeding that artistic side and living in the headspace of the artist, chances are you are more in tune with the psychic abilities that you possess. Not very many people see it that way, but you’re bringing something to the physical world that never was before. You can have this idea in your head, wherever it comes from, and somehow through the medium that is your hands and your decisions, bring it to life. That in itself is an act of supernatural brilliance. We just don’t see it as such because of how common it is. That’s how close the gap is. It can be bridged with artistry.

Sensitive To Energies

Being around the crowd it’s something that extroverts love. There’s something about that energy that they can get caught up in. Introversion, on the other hand, is more linked to the psychically sensitive. Because psychics are conduit for energies, being around too many can be overwhelming. There are too many people to feel. There are too many wavelengths to perceive. Too much noise to discern. This is why being sensitive to the crown is a sign that you are, potentially, a psychic. This is not to say that extroverts can’t be psychics either. They can channel in a different way. But the classically understood notion of a psychic being is inherently an introverted trait.

The idea of being a psychic may be a bit of a stretch. Maybe we’ve had an inkling on one side or another that came to fruition. “But that’s nothing! That doesn’t mean we’re psychic,” you might say. Well, what if you are? Being a psychic is different from being a doctor. You don’t have to prove yourself to the board of psychics. But what you do have to do is be honest with yourself, as well as the people around you, especially the people who trust you. Be open. Be yourself.


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