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Energy prices look to keep increasing in this pandemic period we’re living nowadays and they’re not just headlines anymore, they’re part of our lives for the time to come. And unfortunately, we are all looking for the easiest way to live on a fixed budget that we have at our disposal. If you are worried about your electricity bills, like many of us are, the truth is there is a lot you can actually do around the house to cut it down and have some peace of mind paying those bills.

So, before you can think about placing your next bet on Intertops casino no deposit bonus, you can take some minutes through these tips to help you lower your electricity bills.

1. Insulate your roof

Winter is coming soon. Are you ready for the cold? Well, you can make some early preparation on your roof to cut the cost of heating the house during the winter.

Call your roofing contractor to renovate your roof and install a suitable roof insulator. This will help you reduce your heating and cooling costs by at least 20%. You can shop around for the best insulating roofing materials in the market and work some magic on your roof.

2. Turn off unnecessary lights

Often we leave lights in rooms with no traffic or activities going on. When you are in the dining room with your family taking dinner, it is needless to leave the bedroom lights on.

In fact, you can save up to $15 for just switching off your incandescent bulb off for at least two hours a day. During the day, when you don’t need to light up the house, you can always open the windows and door to allow natural light to find its way in the house.

3. Service your A/C

You can also save a lot on energy bills by servicing your air conditioner on time. When there is any fault in the A/C, you should ensure you take it for repair or service on time. Again you want to ensure you place your air conditioner away from direct sunlight. An air conditioner placed in direct sunlight consumes 10% more electricity, increasing your energy costs.

If you position your air conditioner outside unit close to the house, you can plant flowers or shrubs to shield it from the sun. Again, you should keep the central A/C tuned up and running optimally. Don’t forget to invite a technician to check your air conditioners at least every two years if you want to save on electricity.

You can also set your A/C to only function when you are home. Modern air conditioners come with a programmable thermostat that allows you to set the time you want it to start heating or cooling the house. Leaving your air conditioner running during the day when there is nobody at home adds to your monthly energy bill.

4. Unplug all devices out of use

Leaving your plugs on the socket for long, even when they are not in use, may eat your electricity in silence. The small devices in your house may not consume much energy, but they are increasing your energy bills over time.

Did you know that your stereo system or coffee pot continues to draw electricity from the power outlets when you leave the plugs intact? Therefore, if you want to reduce your energy expense, you should always unplug all small devices that are not in use from the power outlets. Make this a habit and watch your electricity bills come down in just a month.

Instead of unplugging all the devices from the power outlet, you can ask your electrician to install a single power strip in the house. You can always turn off this power strip and unplug all the devices when leaving your house for work.

5. Cut cooling costs by shutting doors and windows

This may sound like common sense, but most people actually ignore it. Shutting the doors and curtains can actually help to cut the cost of cooling your house during summer. This is the easiest way to cut your cooling costs in summer. You reduce the incoming heat by at least 30% from reaching your home by keeping your curtains closed during the day.

If you live in a 2-story building, you can always close the windows and doors on the upper floor when your family is downstairs. It helps you cut the cost of cooling.

6. Cut on energy waste from large appliances

The truth is that most large appliances like dishwashers and dryers waste a lot of energy even when they are marked energy efficient.

To reduce energy costs when using large appliances, you can:

  • Avoid the heating element in your washing machine by washing your laundry in cold water. You can also mix light and dark shades to save time and reduce the number of loads.
  • Dry your clothes outside and save on the energy used on running your clothes dryer.
  • Leave the dishwasher door open to dry your utensils and avoid turning the heating device on. You can also use a dish towel to dry your utensils.

Final Thoughts

If you look forward to cutting your electricity bill, you should observe these six tips. Consolidate your freezer, insulate your roof during winter, and unplug all devices from the power outlet when not in use. You can save a lot of money by simply learning to set your A/C properly and switching it off when outdoors.


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