rusty old junk car

You probably have a junk car sitting idle in your backyard, lawn, garage, parking lot or any other place in your compound rusting away. Interestingly, that junk car contains valuable resources which can be reused or recycled. Never make a mistake to assume that because your car is no longer roadworthy, it’s worthless. All is not lost, it can still make you some money. You can still sell your car whether it’s broken down, rusted out, if its repair is worth more than the car itself, dilapidated or old.

However, the sooner you make up your mind to get rid of it the better. If a junk car stays for months or years without being used, its condition deteriorates and this reduces its value. While it is possible to sell your junk car no matter how old it is, there is no need to wait and you are not using it. Take advantage of the different ways to get rid of a car available. Make sure you choose the most suitable option for your case.

Please note that if you are looking to get rid of your car quickly, you might not get much but if your car is in good condition and you are patient, you can get a bigger payout. Whichever option you choose, the below ways will help you to get rid of your junk car for some cash.

1. Sell to your local junkyard

Among the people who buys non-running cars are junkyards. You just need to seek their services and they will be glad to haul your car away. If you wish to take some parts off before they pick up the car, check with them first. Junkers make their money from breaking the vehicle and selling those parts. You can still come to an agreement although they wouldn’t mind taking it as a whole.

2. Sell the car yourself

If you follow the right channel, you can sell your car and get the best deal. Research to know the value of your car and determine a fair price. Ensure you set the price a little bit higher to give room to those clients who would like to negotiate. It will give you room to arrive at the desired selling price. Your client will also appreciate the fact that you were willing to come to an agreement regarding the price. It is also important to have all your paperwork ready for legal reasons. The buyer will also need to see them to be satisfied they are buying a legit property. If you don’t want to disappoint your potential clients, then find out the documents you are supposed to have to sell your car in your state.

You should also keep the car clean. Vacuum the inside and thoroughly clean it. Ensure there is no bad smell. You have to give potential buyers a fantastic first impression. You can even do some basic maintenance if you feel it will improve the chance of selling your junk car. Most importantly, don’t forget to let the client know the faults with your car. You don’t want to frustrate a person who thought that they have bought a car and can begin to use it right away.

3. Sell for scrap

Another option to salvage your car is through selling for scrap. You can still make some good money because a vehicle contains valuable metal. The governing factor here is the weight of the metal. The heavier they are, the more money you are likely to get. The option comes in handy especially if you have a truck or an older car. Their metals are typically heavier. Most scrap yards don’t pick up the car for you as it’s the case with junkyards. Thus, you have to arrange to for means of transport. Make sure you figure this cost in the amount you are going to make from scrapping your machine.

4. Break your car into parts

The option of breaking your car into parts and selling the bits off is a superb option to a person with great mechanical aptitude. If you are sure about the specific reason that ruined your favourite car, then you should part out the car so that you can sell the rest of the parts still in good condition. For instance, if you were involved in an accident and didn’t see the need to repair the car, you can sell the untouched parts. The easiest parts to take off includes wing mirrors, centre console, battery, lights & lenses, wheels, tires and the CD radio units. As for the rest of the car parts, you have to be careful or consult an expert. You don’t want to injure yourself trying to get things like the steering wheel which can suddenly inflate if it has an airbag.

Tips for selling your junk car

Avoid scammers

Don’t make a mistake to assume that people get scammed when purchasing a car only. You can also be conned when selling a car as well. Therefore, just the way you exercise caution when selling a good car, do the same with your junk car if you don’t want to risk losing money.

Write a contract

The same way you make a contract when purchasing an asset is the same way you should have a contract when selling your junk car. Make sure you include all the terms and conditions of that particular deal. The buyer must sign it to avoid future issues that may arise.

Abide by the law

The DMV of each state deals with the sale of junk cars differently. Hence, do not begin the process of selling your junk car without familiarizing yourself with the regulations of your state. A quick search on Google should land you on the right page.

The bottom line

From the information above, it is clear that cash for junk cars is a real deal. You will surely appreciate the cash you make out of getting rid of your junk car instead of allowing it to clutter your beautiful and neat property. So, from now henceforth, you don’t have a reason to keep unused cars in your property wasting away.

Finally, remember to terminate any insurance payment arrangement you have for such cars. There is no point of paying for an asset that you are no longer using.


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