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The period after giving birth is usually filled with a lot of changes and stress. As such, the need to keep fit might be relegated to the backburner for a while.

A tired mother whose sleep is interrupted may have a hard time remembering and having the motivation to exercise. While trying to start working out can be extremely difficult, some techniques make it easy to get back on to the fitness wagon.

Although these methods are guaranteed to help with shedding the baby weight, they do not produce instant results. The key is to be determined and persevere as losing weight healthily is the best for short and long-term health status.

Listed below are a few tips for getting fit with a newborn:

Start with baby steps

Most mothers, especially those who had uncomplicated deliveries, can usually start exercising from the get-go. However, those with complications or have suffered extreme stress due to surgery might be required to wait a bit longer or seek professional help.

No matter which category you fall into, it is advised to start with easy exercises. You might feel the need to pile on heavy and intense workouts to hasten your weight loss. This should be avoided because it can lead to chronic injuries.

Walk the weight off

Walking is a safe and effective way to burn excess weight. While it may seem too easy, this form of exercise can help you lose weight at a consistent rate. Getting out of the house with your baby can also improve your mental and emotional health.

Sometimes, just breathing in some fresh air is enough to feel refreshed and relaxed. With the aid of a baby stroller, take walks around your neighbourhood or a park with your newborn. You do not need an extended period for this form of exercise as even a 15-minute walk can make a lot of difference.

Take exercise classes

Various exercise classes are specifically tailored to new mothers. Some of them involve the babies in the workout while some types provide in-house carers that take care of the babies while their mothers exercise.

Find a class that best suits you and try as much as possible never to miss a class. You can also join a gym if you can spare a reasonable amount of time for an extensive workout.

Eat healthily

While working out is essential for losing weight, eating a well-balanced diet is the most important thing for sustaining weight loss. A diet that consists of abundant fruits and vegetables can help to quicken the loss of your baby weight.

Endeavour to consume at least three servings of fruit per day and snack on nuts and vegetables between meals. Not only will good nutrition help with weight loss, but, your baby will also benefit through your breastmilk.

It is not advisable to try to follow a strict diet regime that will not be easily sustained. Moderation and consistency is the key to a healthy and sustainable fitness plan.

Set realistic goals

The media is loaded with a lot of stories and advice about rapid postpartum weight loss. While it is possible to shed all your baby weight within a few months, it is not usually healthy.

Don’t be tempted to set an unattainable weight loss goal as failure to meet this goal can lead to discouragement and depression. It took nine months for your body to grow to accommodate your baby. Therefore, be patient and let your body go back to its pre-pregnancy state at a steady and healthy pace.

While following these tips, keep in mind that your body might not go back to its exact pre-pregnancy state. Learn to love your body as you progress with your fitness regimen for optimal mental and emotional health.


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