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Security systems have evolved over the years, modern systems are now more versatile than ever. Many security systems are automated and can be controlled through an app on your phone, which provides you with access to relevant information concerning your home, bringing you peace of mind.

However, going the extra mile and learning additional ways to protect your home beyond a security system will not hurt anyone. Below are a few tips that could assist you in improving your home security.

Invest in Lights

Motion-activated lights, particularly as part of a more extensive automated home system, can be a perfect way to keep burglars and criminals out of your home. An unexpected light can usually be enough to convince a burglar to give up on his break-in attempt. Vivint home security has amazing lighting control must-haves for your home security system.

Keep Valuables Out of Plain Sight

One of the general threads on this list is solely not making yourself an available target. If it does not look like there is much to steal from your home, burglars are expected to move on to the next house. If you have a nice car, make sure it is always in the garage, and that goes for anything new and expensive, It would also be beneficial not to leave packaging of unique and valuable items on your street to be picked up for garbage day.

Prevent your Home from Looking Empty

If you ever happen to be away from home for vacation, it would be a good idea to have your neighbours gather your mail, mow your lawn and do other things that hinder your home from looking empty. Leaving your vehicle in the same spot can be a tip-off that your home is vacant and a potential target. You could also leave a few lights on in the house to create the impression that someone is home as well as putting your mail on hold at the postal service, so you do not have to stress about it piling up.

Do Not Hide a Key

The concern with having a hide-a-key is that you would have to put it in a place that is moderately easy to find. This makes it easy for an experienced burglar to get in. Consider a smart door lock that can be unlocked with a key as well as a user code. You can share this code with friends and family, providing access to your home without risking a spare key being found.

Do Not Overly Conceal Your Home

Even with all these precautions, the best course of action is purely not offering a way in. Avoid high boundaries around doors and windows as this would mean that burglars and robbers would not have a protected means to creep in. High privacy fences, along with other concealing features, are likely to encourage burglars to target your house.

Remember to Secure your Second Floor

Your first-floor doors and windows are secured and ready to go, but we need to ensure that our second-floor entry points are just as secure. Invest in window sensors or glass-break detectors as they are essential when it comes to keeping burglars from entering your home through the second floor. Remember to make sure you close all windows at night as well as while you are away and consider using smart plugs to turn on a few lights while you are gone.

Window Locks

Windows are named the weakest point of entry, while most home security systems offer window sensors that sound an alarm if there is an intruder, there are many different measures you can take to make sure they do not even get to that point. Window locks are profoundly effective and affordable locks, perfect to use on basement windows and first-floor windows as it will discourage burglars from your home.


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