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So, you’ve organized a sleepover with your friends at your home or one of the friend’s house and you want to experience nothing but fun throughout the weekend. Well, you have landed on the right page. This post shares fun activities you and your friends would surely love.

When you get a chance to spend time with your friends, it’s always good to make beautiful memorable moments out of such opportunities. However, that can be a challenge if you are used to doing the same things over and over again. Engaging in the same activities all the time can get a little boring and make it difficult to see the fun in such activities.

The activities don’t have to be complicated but you at least need to be creative and reasonable. You need activities that will excite, engage, educate and entertain your friends with no space for boredom or regrets.

To make sure you and your friends make the most out of the time spent together, here are amazing things you can engage in next time schedule a meetup.

Bake a cake from scratch

Baking can be lots of fun. Make it a mini-competition and celebrate the winner by indulging in the cakes you will have baked plus a few drinks. Make sure the kitchen is well stocked with all the ingredients you will be using. Every participant should have a recipe. Two friends amongst you should be made the judges. Choose the most loyal. This shouldn’t be difficult, you know yourselves!

Play video games

Whether you are a gamer or not, playing video games with your friends can be super fun. It is even more fun if none of you is an expert in that particular game. With a few basics, you can play the games and get entertained. Besides, it is not about the expertise but the company of the friends around you.

Gamble more or less money

If you or one or more of your guests are passionate gamblers, chances are you’ll engage in such activity. The ones with more experience will love to share their expertise to the others, while the less experienced will be keen to learn more about gambling from the experts. There are numerous ways to gamble, offline using the cards and dice or online as there are lot of online casinos to entice you. One such example is sbobet, a place where you can experience a ton of games that will test your skills.

Plan for a vacation

If you have been considering a vacation with your friends, then use this moment to organize for one. Planning for a trip can be lots of fun. In fact, more fun than the vacation itself. You will have a blast as you plan for every small detail. Furthermore, as you plan, use that moment to share the past travel memories and the good times you had during the trips.

Watch a movie

By the way, spending quality time with friends at home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Something as simple as watching a movie with them can really help to create lifelong memories and strengthen your friendship.

If there is a particular movie you are sure your friends will like, then, why not give them a surprise? It could be anything from horror, thriller, comedy or any movie you would love to watch with them. If you have a good home theatre system, you are all set. If not, ensure the print of the movie is good and close the curtains. Then spice up things with a large bowl of popcorns.

Play some pranks

As long as your pranks are harmless, play as many pranks as you can on each other. Be creative and don’t be too hard on each other. Ensure what you are doing is just to have fun and nothing more. Such pranks can be so much fun and make your stay together unforgettable.

Learn some art

Learning some art such as making jewellery or knitting can be a great way to pass time constructively. Your friends will also be happy to learn a new skill. Who knows, some of the skills they learn or the ideas they gather could be the beginning of a newfound career path for some of your friends.

Play board games

When was the last time you put your hands in a board game? If you trust your skills, challenge your friends with a game of scrabble or chess. Playing board games with friends is not only fun but is an activity that can bring friends together and help them create incredible memories of the times spent together.

Listen and dance to your favourite music

If you want to make the times you spend with your friends special, make a playlist of your favourite music and play it during that weekend you’ve planned to spend together with them. If the music takes you away, then set the floor on fire. Dance until you can’t dance anymore. Dance alone, together with your friends, copy each other’s moves. Just do anything that makes you happy. By the end of that weekend, you’ll have enjoyed yourselves to the maximum.

Consider gardening

If you are lucky to have a home garden, invite your friends to do a little bit of gardening such as trimming the plants, removing weed or plant some flowers. Gardening is an amazing outdoor activity and it is even more fulfilling when you do it with your friends.

Late night’s gossip

When your friends are around for the weekend, don’t be an early sleeper. Although getting enough sleep is important to your health, just a weekend cannot have a significant negative impact. Stay awake a little longer and enjoy some late night gossips with your friends. If you want, spend hours discussing that common enemy but make sure whatever is discussed on that night ends there. Nothing should leak out.

Organize a barbecue party

If you and your friends love to cook, then organize a backyard barbecue party. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and food items enough to make dinner. Remember it will get dark outside. Thus, invest in some decorative outside lights to add to the festivity mood. Also, have a cooler and stock it with a variety of drinks. After dinner, you can light up a campfire and tell stories as you watch the stars.

To make things merrier, consider backyard camping after the barbecue dinner party. Backyard camping with friends is a great adventure that will ensure you don’t forget the moments you spent on that weekend. If this is what you want to do, ensure everyone brings their sleeping bag and other camping necessities.

Take pictures

The best way to keep memories of happy moments spent together with your friends is to take pictures. This shouldn’t be difficult considering most of you own a smartphone. You can take some pictures while posing and others while doing various activities. Keep those pictures safe, you will love to see them someday.


If you’ve been thinking outdoor activities are the only best things you can do with your friends during the weekend, then you are limiting yourselves too much. No matter what your personalities are, you can’t fail to get enough activities to keep you entertained with your friends at home in the above list.


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