water smells bad

When water has the pungent smell of rotten eggs, this is usually the result of levels of hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfur bacteria that are found in the water supply that create the odor. If the smell is only experienced when using a hot tap, this may be caused a chemical reaction that occurs inside the water heater rather than an issue with your building’s water supply.

It may be surprising to discover that there are hundreds of chemicals in drinking water around the region. It can be a common issue for many people who notice strange odors that emanate from tap water, particularly when the supply is from a still source or well.

Factors to Consider

  • There are several chemicals that are found in drinking water
  • Hydrogen sulfide is a probable cause of rotten egg odor from tap water
  • While your water is completely safe to drink in many instances, a smell of rotten eggs can indicate dangerous contamination in your water
  • There are many ways to find and deal with the problem

Potential Challenges

If your water supply has hydrogen sulfide, it can damage the pipes because it corrodes several types of metals along with causing black stains on plumbing fixtures and silverware. In many cases, even though a rotten egg odor can be extremely unpleasant, drinking water is safe to drink.

On the other hand, there are some occasions during which the odor is caused by various contaminants or sewage within the building’s water supply and can lead to health problems. Visit aquaoxfilters.com for more.

Causes of the Rotten Egg Smell

It is always essential to locate the source of the problem whenever you notice new odors. This can be done by checking the water supplies and taps around the building.

  • When the smell is strong if both the cold and hot faucets are initially turned on, hydrogen sulfide inside the groundwater is probably the problem. This can also be a sign your water supply has a more dangerous problem.
  • When the smell is strong while turning on the cold and hot faucets and it goes away or diminishes after running the water or the smell is varied over time, sulfur bacteria in the distribution system or well is likely to be the problem. This also indicates a dangerous issue in the water supply.
  • If the smell is present in both the cold and hot faucets but only from treated water and not untreated water, sulfur bacteria inside the water softener may be the problem. Altering the solution of water softener can help to deal with this issue.
  • If the smell only comes from a hot water tap, the water heater may be the problem. Consulting a professional is the best step to take in this situation.

If you are worried about what your water contains, test kits are available for the purpose of checking the levels of iron bacteria, sulfur bacteria, sulfate and hydrogen sulfide.

Water Filters

A water filter is a worthwhile alternative to directly drinking water from the tap. Water filters remove harmful contaminants and deliver clean and fresh water to homes and offices. A filtration system has the capacity to eradicate the bacteria that is found in sources of tap water.


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