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ICE Connect is a platform for trading that has reached the entire global market, including the booming iGaming industry. ICE CONNECT has become the global leader in building connections within the gaming industry and focusing on partnering powerful decision-makers with influential trade commodities suppliers. This is seen as a natural follow-up action in keeping up the industry’s needs. This also enables the stakeholders to contribute to the substantial and sustainable growth of this industry.

ICE Connect integrates market analytics, charting, real-time market data, and news across international markets through virtual summits. These virtual summits create a collective online event, which features a collection of expert web-based interviews, usually concentrated on resolving business oriented-challenges and adapting changes for betterment. One of the key items in these discussions usually is the availability of free bonus slot games, which are of supreme demand across the fraternity.

ICE Connect, which is actually an algorithm-based digital market-place, was released by Clarion Gaming in February. ICE CONNECT has rapidly captured the attention and imagination of the international gaming and gambling community. Soon after the ICE CONNECT platform’s launch was announced, powerful decision-makers with influential suppliers analysed buyers with a combined cap-ex budget of £100m signed up for this. ICE CONNECT has proved to be extremely beneficial to the casino industry. This would facilitate the establishment of connections between providers of gaming software and bookmakers.

Virtual ICE CONNECT iGaming Summits in 2021

ICE Connect Europe is a virtual summit that generally takes place across the time period of 21st to 25th June, whereas ICE Connect North America is scheduled from 28th June to 2nd July.

The event of the 2021 ICE CONNECT Virtual Summit North America, which is scheduled to be held from 28th June till 2nd July, has always played the role of being the global leader in connecting the gaming industry worldwide.

The virtual conference essentially brings together all the administrative decision-makers and the industry’s leading suppliers; hence, facilitating the creation of essential partnerships in the industry. This virtual summit is also ideal for iGaming brands and companies to form networks with many other big shot influencers in the industry who would invest and provide them with useful advice.

The event of 2021 ICE CONNECT Virtual Summit Europe is set to forge a strong future of the gaming industry with the help of decision-makers and influencers. The summit aims at establishing better management of price and currency risk along with fuelling other growth factors.

ICE Asia and SiGMA MANILA, which was to be held from 27th to 28th May 2021, are postponed to 8th to 9th June 2021 due to COVID. ICE Asia and SiGMA MANILA provide land-based and online communities with a platform to demonstrate the most recent gaming technologies and modern innovations from Asia and beyond. These co-located events will offer international and local and gaming companies a way to set foot into or expand their operations in the Asia Pacific – which is now the largest iGaming growth region. The ICE Asia summit held in 2020 shed light on discussions that included a candid take on Asia’s “readiness” to go fully digital or online. There were some clear disagreements between the panel members. Some were of the opinion that the lack of cross-border travel and the need for the administration to steer gaming revenues would ultimately result in increased interest.

Recently, in an ICE CONNECT virtual summit, administrative figures plan to talk about the iGaming industry’s issues after the dramatic transformations of the forms of payments in the gaming space. The topics which will be discussed are an in-depth analysis of the transforming payments scenario in the iGaming industry and the impact on merchants and operators. Other than that, these topics are treated with topmost priority in these Virtual summits:

  1. Individual Approach to Responsible Gambling
  2. Review of the UK Gambling Act
  3. Technology Predictions

Partnership With Quartz Events

Toby Harris, the Founder and CEO of Quartz Events, is of the opinion that ICE Connect is ideally created to meet the requirements of the gambling industry. ICE CONNECT acts as a complement to the industry’s early adopter status.

He claims that the very release of ICE Connect showcases the 3rd time in six-months that their team has taken their market-leading platform into a new sector. They have some really amazing success stories, but their entry into the global gambling market has transcended all of their expectations.

He also says that the early registrants for the European edition have invested a combined amount of £100m to the new technology that’s upcoming within the period of 18 months, in which many of them represent organisations that have annual revenues exceeding £1bn.

Praising the brilliant response to ICE CONNECT’s launch, Toby Harris says that his team is very pleased to experience such an immensely constructive response within weeks of the announcement of its launch. To receive such a huge number of registrations everywhere across land-based, online, and omnichannel is truly inspiring for them. The numbers showcase both the gaming community’s faith in the growth of the ICE brand and also the constant appeal for this special, solution-driven approach.

Some Characteristics of The ICE CONNECT Virtual Summit Committee

The ICE Connect utilises a framework consisting of highly developed matching algorithms with scheduling and ranking software. They also match Gaming operators with important solution providers, who are the A-listers of this industry and can help the team run their business operations more conveniently. Consequently, both the representative of the brand and the solution providers utilise 100% of their time in purposeful and constructive meetings.

ICE CONNECT virtual summits team consists of a driving committee of industry veterans who work together to form an agenda that steers your innovation in an unsettling, ever-changing climate. The committee is also built around the experience of connecting the business heads to the resources which will benefit the industry right now. The meetings are solely solutions-focused. Based on the challenges and obstacles described by the registrants during registration, these one-on-one meetings are prescheduled.

ICE CONNECT possesses fast and reliable order routing. The ICE Connect users make use of the single-click trade execution with the help of an interface and Continuum’s trade order execution system. ICE CONNECT is equipped with the latest HTML5 technology. It can be accessed across multiple browsers and devices without having to download or install it.

These summits will enhance the consumer experience, the changes introduced in the gaming market with new innovations, and create a competitive edge by the usage of new business strategies. The implementation of these new technologies in the gambling industry is an important follow-up step. These hybrid events will bring together both the iGaming and gambling industry figureheads to talk about the current obstacles that both companies face. These meetings increase the overall efficiency of business operations. Exceptional knowledge of the latest industry trends is also received by the attendees. Important networks are established with various industry innovators, and the route of the future landscape of the gaming market is fixed in these virtual 1:1 meetings.


ICE CONNECT has always been the international leader in bringing together the entire community of the iGaming industry, which includes thousands of executive figureheads. It facilitates countless new partnerships and dramatically metamorphoses the iGaming landscape as it is now. In partnership with Quartz Events, it is empowering the entire industry with one-to-one meetings.

In partnership with Quartz Events, ICE CONNECT has created a brilliant team of expert-led content and virtual 1:1 meetings that are based on the needs and challenges faced by the gaming and gambling industries.


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