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The people are using various networks and platforms for the development of their startups and promotion of the products or services. Facebook and Google are the two most popular platforms. The competitiveness on them is also quite high. That’s why business owners and publishers start looking for appropriate alternatives, such as or other platforms. One of the effective ways to promote your business is the application of video advertising platforms. In this article, we are going to observe top resources.

Popular video advertising platforms

Many platforms are suitable for the promotion of the business. Some of them are characterized by low competitiveness. Let’s look at the resources, which can help you in the development of your startup:

1. SpringServe. It is one of the most effective platforms for the promotion of your products. There are plenty of tools available for the users of this platform. The interface is user-friendly so you will hardly have any troubles using the resource. The options of the platform include Header Bidding and macros created for GDPR compliance. There are additional features for auto-optimization.

2. Selectmedia. This platform provides great opportunities for monetizing cross-screen video desktop and mobile. The platform is very reliable and operates across the globe. However, the requirements for the publishers are extremely high here. The advertisers will find a great number of high quality and safe, video media. The costs are moderate and optimized. There are over 600 premium sites available through this platform. The resource is considered one of the most reliable and trusted video supply & distribution platforms.

3. Division D. The platform offers the most effective and productive advertising solutions. With the help of it, it is possible to reach better advert performance. It is especially advisable for those, who have falling click-through rates. Besides, there are lots of useful options. For instance, the platform provides better targeting making it easier for you to reach your target audience. There are also other features for narrowing the target audience down.

4. Undertone. Here you can find lots of video ads created for in-banner and pre-roll. The platform deals with the influential formats of advertising allowing you to develop your business. The CPM rates on this resource are 100%-1500% higher compared to other platforms. At the same time, traffic requirements are very strict. Great opportunities of Undertone allow effectively working with mobile traffic.

5. YuMe. It closely cooperates with video advertising. With the support of YuMe, you may not just effectively reach your audience but also stay connected with it. The solutions offered by the resource allow achieving better reach and more sales. The main feature of this platform is the engagement of the users, which proved to be the most helpful strategy for any marketer. They work with programmatic video and offer various options for the optimization of video adverts expenses.

6. PropellerAds. There are different video advert formats available on this platform. They offer in-banner videos as well as on-click ads. It is a global resource, which provides manual monitoring to make sure the adverts you place are the most effective and quality. The platform will provide you with 100% detailed reporting and monetization.

7. Airpush. It is a network, which works with mobile advertising. There are over 150,000 apps, which are available to reach your target audience. There are plenty of advert formats available for the provision of advanced engagement of the users. Thus, you are able to build a better connection with your audience. Airpush offers a new format of video adverts, which is called Abstract Banners. They also work with many other formats. Working with this platform, it is vital to be ready to constantly test something new.

8. HaxHax. Here you will find a large database of display mediums. Besides, it is allowed selecting the most appropriate payment model, as there are plenty of them offered by the platform. The following formats are accessible for the users:

  • pre-roll
  • in-banner
  • post-roll, etc.

9. Inmobi. It is a great advertising solution created for mobiles. There are lots of benefits, which will help you increase conversion. There are also many modern features providing easy and quick monetization. The resource is able to work both with an advert mediation platform and directly (with the help of in-app adverts).

10. BrightRoll. The platform offers users a significant number of video advert options of the highest quality. The resource serves over 10 billion impressions every month. The requirements for the publishers are very high. The number of views per month should be at least 5 million. Moreover, it is necessary to have your own video player.

Using the platforms enumerated above, it is possible to maximize the revenue and promote any product or service. Trying new platforms is a wonderful way to struggle with high competitiveness and to reach a wider audience.


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