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The phrase “variety is the spice of life” really are words to live by. When you learn to mix things up and open yourself up to some new experiences it makes for a more exciting existence. If you have found that your sexual relationship has been especially dry lately, then it could be that you are both feeling bored or maybe too familiar. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural. However, there is much that you can do to spice things up. If you’d like to find out how you can mix things up in the bedroom, read on for more information.

1. Dress up

Whether you are staying in for dinner or heading out to a restaurant, it’s nice to get dressed up now and again. This can be as simple as putting on your best clothes and wearing some makeup, or getting dressed up in a costume and trying out a little role-play. If you want to get your partner’s attention, then you need to make some more effort – but it works both ways as well.

2. Get more familiar with yourself

That’s right, you should be masturbating more regularly. Masturbation helps you to get to know your body better and that will arm you with information that you can share with your partner. If they never quite hit the spot, it’s your responsibility to guide them!

3. Share a bath

OK, so not all of us are blessed with having big baths, but if we’ve learned anything it’s that the size of the boat doesn’t matter, but the motion in the ocean. Sharing a hot bath together is a relaxing way to get intimate. It doesn’t have to end in full-blown sex, but when you are sat between their legs with their arms around you…well, let’s just say they’re likely to wander – and given that heat boosts blood flow to the vagina, it can be incredibly gratifying.

4. Try something different in the bedroom

Your new saying should be: “nothing is not my thing.” You don’t know that you aren’t into bondage unless you’ve experienced it. What’s the harm in giving it a go at the very least? You can buy bondage items online and ease each other into it. You never know…you might just end up discovering something that you both never knew you needed!

5. Give a massage and get a massage

A really sexy way to spice things up in the bedroom is by giving one another a massage. Taking in turns rubbing oil over one another’s bodies is incredibly pleasurable. Just don’t put any pressure on one another (figuratively speaking), it doesn’t necessarily have to lead to sex – although it almost always does.

6. Don’t underestimate the power of touch

The body is loaded with erogenous zones that can stimulate you in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine. Do some research and find out where these sensitive spots are. And by do some research we mean get your hands on one another and do not stop until it ends in both of you lying in a sweaty bundle on the bed.


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