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With spring inching closer each and every day, now is the time of year that so many homeowners catch the organization bug. That need to go through all the contents in your home, purge what you no longer need or want, and really organize each space is spring cleaning at its core. Of course, spring cleaning goes a whole lot smoother if you’ve got some sort of organization system or plan in place.

This brings us to labels and how this simple little item can transform the way you organize your home. Here’s a look at some of the rooms where you can make use of them.


When it comes to the bedroom, labels have all kinds of uses. You can even get more specific in your organization process by color-coding the labels. The color-coded labels could work in a young child’s room as a way to help them learn about organization and tidying up. You don’t even have to write words on the label, just use the color-coding system.

Use labels on shelves, storage bins and containers that are in the closet or under the bed, on the inside of drawers so they are out of sight but still there, in your closet, and so forth. If you’re the type that likes to vacuum-pack items, labels are an excellent tool, as it’s hard to tell what each of those items are when they are packed so tight.

Home Office

One of the most natural places to find labels being used is in a home office. Not only can you use them on bins and boxes, but also as part of your filing and organization system. Again you can make use of a color-coded system for sleek and fuss-free organization.


While you may not automatically think of the kitchen as a place to use labels, there are a number of ways they can come in handy.

Think in terms of your cooking and baking supplies and ingredients. You can purchase small labels that are ideal for spice/herb containers, mid-sized labels for jars and containers that include various baking ingredients such as your flour and sugar, on your canned preserves, and you can even label the inside of cupboards to help remind you where all the small appliances get stored.

Be sure to check out Avery for labels you can use in the kitchen. Avery label sizes are varied, so you can find the exact ones that fit the job.

Storage Space and Basements

If you have a house that includes some sort of crawl space, cold room, or even basement where you keep a lot of items stored, labels can be your absolute best tool. Imagine how much time and effort you can save if each and every box is labeled correctly. There will be no need to dig through bins, shelves, and boxes when you can quickly read a label and find the specific thing you’re after.

Their Uses are Endless

As you prepare to tackle a major cleaning and organization of your house, you may want to stock up on labels before you begin.


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