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Who said being at home means boredom? If you have been assuming that staying at home directly translates to boring moments, you are so wrong. You can actually have the best moments of your life at home. Come to think of it, this is one place in the whole universe you can have lots of fun without worrying about bills like in the case of hotels and other tourists’ attraction sites.

Times have changed. People have been forced to stay home to protect themselves and others. However, that doesn’t translate to dull moments. You can still have a good time at home. There are so many lucrative activities you can do at home whether alone or with your family members. You can also relax, unwind and reduce that ‘to-do list’ that you have been postponing since last month. That is not all, below are awesome activities that you and your loved ones can engage in and enjoy some quality time together at home. You won’t be bored for even a second. Besides, you will be having a goodnight’s sleep because your days are fully occupied with healthy activities.

1. Workout

When was the last time you and your kids had time to exercise? It can be a lot of fun to take part in simple workout sessions without any restrictions. Choose the type of exercises you enjoy. It can be anything right from jogging, skipping the rope to yoga. Please, don’t be too hard on yourself. The aim here is to have fun while at home. The beauty of exercising is that you will have fun and at the same time get in shape. After that, you can indulge in your favourite meals.

2. Play outside

If you have a beautiful garden, make good use of it whenever you are home. There are a lot of games you can play outside with the children. It’s obvious children love to play outside but if you can join them, it is even merrier. One of the most entertaining is swinging. Just ensure you get a comfortable and durable rope swing and everyone at home will appreciate you for this. No one is too old for it. Mummy and daddy can swing and the children can as well. Actually, swinging in the back yard can become a great family fun activity any time of the day.

Other entertaining games you can play outside include baseball, basketball and even football. The rules of these games can be overlooked so long as everyone is in agreement and is having fun. Allow everyone to participate in one way or another. Remember to reward the best player or the winner, they deserve it, you know.

3. Experiment a new hairstyle

There is no better time to do something crazy than when at home and not planning to go out later in the day. Get creative with your hair and see how you rock in your new hairstyles. Experiment different hairstyles so that when you finally go out, you will have a different hairstyle now and then.

4. Try out a new recipe

If you love to cook, this is the time to try that new recipe you saw on the internet the other day. Try out something new and see how it goes. Who knows, it might even turn out to be your favourite meal in the days to come. You can even have a competition with other family members and see who cooks the most delicious meals. If you have a garden, do the competition there. After eating your food outside, create a campfire, sit around it and tell scary stories. It will be so much fun.

During these COVID 19 moments, a hilarious quarantine cake can really improve people’s mood. Therefore, if you are not into cooking stews and other dishes, baking will be amazing. Bake all you can and make this whole isolation thing more entertaining than ever.

Film your cooking times especially when trying out a new recipe or when having a cooking competition whenever possible. Make sure every family member participates within their capacities. Even toddlers with the help of an adult can be allowed to mix some ingredients. Those episodes will give you nostalgic memories months and years to come.

5. Play games

Playing board games provides a special way to have fun at home. Besides, there are many options to choose from. From the varieties available in the market, it won’t be difficult to get your favourite. Just visit a local game store and select the ones you are sure your family members will enjoy playing. Board games are a darling to many because you get to interact with all your playmates. So, what are you waiting for? Get your favourite games and let the games begin. From now on, there will be nothing like boring moments at home.

6. Make special cards

There is something special about homemade personal cards. That’s because they are unique and specially designed. Whoever receives such a card will no doubt feel the love and worth that comes with it. Hence, create time to learn how to make various fabulous personal cards such as Christmas cards and friendship cards among other special homemade cards. Send them to your family and friends. They will appreciate it.

Please don’t feel like if you don’t receive the same favour in return you are the loser. Learning such a creative skill can be very helpful especially to the young kids. It can even end up to be their lifetime career or hobby. The world of art and creativity is growing every day. So, ensure you allow the children in the house to use their creative skills and have fun at the same time.

7. Camp in the back yard

We are living in extraordinary times and in that case, we have to think outside the box. Plan for a camp and gather all the necessary items needed. In the evening, get your sleeping bags ready and set up your camp in the backyard or the courtyard. That night you can have a barbecue and make a campfire. Sleep in the yard and enjoy the stars and the moon as you tell ghost stories. You will all love this. The children won’t forget the moment all their life.

The takeaway

Do you see? You don’t have to stay home idle and bored. There are so much fun activities you can engage yourself in. The above ideas can help you kick start your fun moments at home. Don’t stop there, be open-minded, use what is available and you will become a happy soul. However, make sure whatever you do is healthy, legit and most importantly makes you happy.


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