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“Keep on shining, make it brighter than a spotlight.” – Dream Glow, BTS World.

If you are a fan of glow and glimmer, living in a dull and dim house can foul your mood. Even if your home has enough lighting, you might get bored with the same routine look it radiates.

So, how do you get that glow out of your available space?

Turning on a switch can be the best way to do it. You must be thinking, it was all about the glow, the brightness, the luminosity, and why suddenly a switch?

Well, if you need to modify the house from a dim dark cave to a glowy, bright mansion, you need to turn on the luminous button in your head. (Hey, don’t go running to your doctor to find that lambent link!)

Are you ready to experience a glow-up? Illuminating your dark home will brighten up your mood, so yeah, it’s a glow-up.

1. Glowing Countertops

Think of all the nights you had to run back to your room after switching off the kitchen lights just for the sake that you got thirsty at midnight. But what’s your fault for that? You felt as if some scary, ugly looking ghost is after you. We all have gone through this. No, no, don’t roll your eyes. You are also guilty of this. Yes, you too!

With glowing countertops, say no more to the running in the midnight kitchen visits. Not only will it brighten up space, but it will also add a beautiful charisma to your kitchen.

2. Firefly Jars

Hey, can you tell us what the time is? No? well, let us tell you. It’s your time to be creative, hehe, bad joke. But, the idea we are going to share is undoubtedly not bad at all!

Take the mason jars from your kitchen (don’t have one? Get one!), put diamond glitter, sparkly stars, fairy lights, or light-in-the-dark glow elements, and seal your DIY fireflies with the lid. Place the firefly jars on the dinner table, bed-side, or anywhere you want.

3. Luminous Tree Elves

The magical, wonderful, and creative luminous tree elves are the best pick for adding a subtle glow to your house, garden, or pathway at night. They have different shapes and expressions, making them a perfect choice to decorate your living room or kid’s room during the day. Your children will surely love these mini cute glowing creatures.

4. LED Floors

To make your house glow from within, what could be the best way than a LED lighting floor. Choose the glass pattern you like for your flooring, and install led lights to illuminate your home ground. Be fancy and add floral beauty to your glass flooring. You can opt for a complete glass floor or be practical and install led tiles as much as you want.

5. Bed Lights

One of the best ways to spruce up your bedroom’s lighting is to make the bed pop (uh, with the glow). What to choose from? Fairy lights? LED strips? Color-changing LED lights? Well, there could be as many options as you may think. Select the one you like the best for your bed. Use the lights to highlight the bed head, side tables, or line the bed-ground with color-changing fairy lights to get the glow from within.

6. Hanging Stars

When you can’t decide on anything, why not do-it-yourself? Get the luminous stars, attach strings to it, and here you go, your customized hanging stars are ready to brighten up your home space. These hanging glow stars can decorate your bedroom, lounge, pathway, living room, garden, patio, and even bathroom.

7. Modern Staircase

A modern lighting staircase is more than just a glowing decoration for your house. It can be a source of lighting for your safe ascend or descend during the night. You can install recessed stair lights, line the sides with led strip lights, or even highlight your outdoor steps.

8. Chandeliers & Pendants

When it comes to lighting and glow, there are numerous options you can choose from. Give a beautiful glow to your house entrance with a chandelier or bright your pathway or living room with pendant lights.

9. Glow Sticks

Need something different than the ordinary chandeliers? Make one for yourself with glow sticks. Give a party vibe to your house with glow-sticks chandeliers, or pendants. They are as easy as it sounds. Take a wire ring and attach string-tied glow-sticks to it, and voila, your DIY glow lights are ready to shine.

10. Illuminating Planters

You think of every place you can add the glow to, but have you considered to light your entryway, pathway, garden, or any outdoor area with style? Illuminating planters can be a great idea to do so. Get one online, or paint your usual flower pots with glow paints.

11. Neon Lights

Your house entrance, the door, is also in your living space. Why not light it up too? Line the boundary of your door with neon lights or step-up the game with a ‘welcome home’ neon door sign. Get the glow from the very first look of your house!

Now you know all the uncommon ideas to add a glow to your house

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but why not?

The best is knowing how to do it without robbing a bank or, even worse, selling a kidney. (pun intended)

A brighter, luminous, and happier home was never that easy, right? Use our simple and easy ideas to make your house glow.

If you like what you read, make sure to share it with your friends to let them find their glowy switch!

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