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The UK is a historic country, filled with surprisingly beautiful countryside and impressive cities that often strike a brilliant balance between being busy but not overwhelming. When people think about travelling in the UK, they tend to immediately consider big attractions and major cities. London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Cambridge are often the first names of the tip of people’s tongues, so much so that it’s easy to forget there’s more to the UK’s tourism industry than these places and the other capital cities.

With that in mind, here are some of the UK’s less common city break destinations that make for great travelling. It’s always sensible to do your research before you leave though, so remember to look before you book!


First on the list is the southern English city of Brighton. Nestled on the seaside and brimming with creativity, Brighton is a culturally oriented city filled with music, amusement arcades and more. The city has a reputation for its extremely active nightlife and heavily arts-influenced atmosphere, meaning that if you’re a creative party lover you’ll be right at home.

Additionally, Brighton is home to some great history too. The city plays host to the UK’s only Grade I listed pier, a historic landmark dating back to 1866, as well as the oldest cinema in the country too. So, whatever your interests, if you like the bright and creative this city is for you.


Bristol is another commonly forgotten UK destination, despite having an interesting and chequered history. As a busy student city, Bristol also boasts a brilliant nightlife, only made better by the happiness of its citizens. In fact, in 2016, The Guardian found that Bristol was one of the happiest cities to work in across the UK.

Alongside the nightlife, the city has one of the most impressive suspension bridges in the country and even boasts its own local currency – the Bristol Pound. It’s quirky and unusual but that’s what makes the city an interesting place to visit.


Derby, whilst a regularly forgotten destination, is usually passed by visitors to the much more popular Peak District. Saying that, there are also plenty of attractions in Derby worth taking a look at. Derby is home to some amazing views up the Heights of Abraham, as well as a beautiful cathedral and countless walking or cycling routes to explore.

For the nature lover, Derby is a great choice as a base of operations to explore the local Peak District. Hosting some of the countries most popular trails and impressive sights, you can’t really go wrong with Derby and the surrounding area.


As an industrial city with a broad and varied heritage, Manchester bridges multiple different experiences and is a great choice for the traveller who isn’t sure what they’re looking for. The city is full of both impressive modern architecture and more rugged older buildings, many of which have been customised with high-quality street art.

Once again, Manchester is a thriving student city meaning the nightlife is exceptional and party-goer friendly. Combine all of this with the variety of galleries and outdoor spaces means that Manchester has a little bit of everything – you can’t go wrong.


Finally, we have Newcastle. Known for its bold and friendly residents, this city is loud, vibrant and perfect for the active and energetic traveller. Full of bustling clubs and playing hot to one of the most distinctive dialects in the UK, Newcastle is an amazing historical destination.

The city’s castle regularly attracts visitors, as does Hadrian’s Wall, the nearby Roman artefact that spans the entire width of the English border with Scotland. This is just the tip of the iceberg too; Newcastle has plenty to offer the traveller that wants a more unusual Uk city break, it’s just about looking in the right place.

Hopefully, this will have inspired you to read a little more about the other cities in the UK and potentially pay them a visit. One of the major advantages of visiting these places is that they are cheaper than the usual tourist destinations, not to mention less busy – more than worth considering.


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