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Are you in the market for a new wristwatch? Regardless of your budget, you can find a stylish watch and will keep time for years to come. While traditional watches were only used to tell time, many of today’s watches deliver emails, text messages, and more!

Read on to learn about the different types of watches and find the best one for you!


Automatic watches are unlike any other timepiece in the world because of their unique design. Instead of having a battery like a quartz watch, automatics are self-winding. They use the natural motion of the watch wearer to wind the spring in the watch.

High-end Swiss watches like Rolex and Breitling are luxury, automatic timepieces. While many of these watch enthusiasts wear them on a steel or leather strap, others will choose a NATO strap for a stylish touch.


A quartz watch is among the most popular kinds of watches in the world. While automatic watches were the measuring stick for watches starting in the 1770s, the advent of the quartz watch changed the market forever.

When the first quartz watch was introduced in 1964, it offered buyers a more affordable option than automatic watches with more precise timekeeping. Since a quartz watch is powered by a battery, it can keep pinpoint accuracy that an automatic watch can’t.

Despite the benefits of a quartz watch, there are still purists that are loyal to the automatic watches of the world. Other watch owners like smartwatches and solar-powered options.


Smartwatches like the Apple Watch are some of the most popular watch options on Earth. In 2019, Apple shipped more watches (31.1 million) than the entire Swiss watch industry combined (21.1 million)!

A smartwatch is unique because it connects to your smartphone and keeps you online. You can make phone calls, check your email, and read text messages straight from your wrist.


A solar-powered watch isn’t as popular as the other types of timepieces on this list but doesn’t mean enthusiasts don’t love them too.

Solar-powered watches are energized by the sun’s rays, which means these watch owners don’t need to worry about motion or buying new batteries. These are a popular choice for people that love being outdoors hiking, swimming, or just being in the sun!

Wrapping Up: The Best Types of Watches

The best types of watches are the ones that meet your needs while fitting into your budget. Whether you are spending a couple of hundred bucks or tens of thousands of dollars, there is a watch for you.

By learning about the different kinds of watches before you begin shopping, you can limit the amount of time you spend searching for the perfect timepiece. Are you interested in learning more about other stylish accessories to add to your wardrobe?

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