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Rings can make any woman feel special. Whether it’s an engagement ring or something you bought for yourself, the ring you wear defines your style and personality. It reflects how you are as a person, and how you want to portray yourself. The ring’s style, material, and most importantly, the gemstone that sits on top of it, all of these things add to its elegance.

There are rings that’ll make you feel powerful, perfect, or even classy. However, not all types of rings can make you feel like a princess as if you were from royalty. Only a select few styles of rings can help you accomplish that. If you’re looking for something of this manner, here are 5 types of rings that you might want to try out.

Round diamond ring

Diamond is a very precious gemstone. It’s one of the hardest minerals known to mankind, and one of the most expensive ones as well. Diamond engagement rings are often used in our society, especially by those coming from an affluent class. However, it’s not the stone itself that demands all the appeal. In order for you to look and feel like a princess in a diamond ring, the stone needs to be perfectly round.

The radius doesn’t really matter, but the shape does. Round diamond rings have this finesse and perfection to them that outmatches all other gemstones. The shine on these rings also adds to the beauty. All these features make diamonds some of the best gemstones that are bound to make you feel the royalty in your veins.

Oval sapphire ring

Did you know that the late Princess Diana had a sapphire engagement ring? It had a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire gemstone, oval in shape. The sapphire is placed in the middle of the ring and surrounded by 14 diamonds. It’s a stunning piece of jewelry and one of a kind.

And while you can’t have the same ring that had once graced Princess’ Diana’s hands (and is now in the custody of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton), you can always get an oval sapphire ring of your own, maybe designed like the one Princess Diana wore. And when you think about it, it doesn’t get any more royal than getting to wear the same gemstone that was once the absolute favorite of a princess herself.

Kite shaped fancy black diamond ring

Diamonds are fancy in their own way. They exhibit their own style and elegance. The finesse in a diamond ring is second to none. However, if you want to do something unique for your princess look, you could try opting for a black diamond. More specifically, you should consider getting a kite-shaped black diamond ring.

As a color, black is classy and has a vibe of its own. The same can be said in the case of black diamonds. They have the reputation and strength of regular diamonds, and the class and elegance of the color black. It’s the complete package. A princess of the modern-day should portray all these beautiful features in her jewelry, which is why a kite-shaped black diamond is a perfect gemstone for your ring.

Cushion shaped emerald ring

If you want to take on a look that’s completely unique from everyone else’s and want your ring to echo the same, you should go for an emerald gemstone.

Emeralds are very neat and pretty-looking stones. The green color on them is quite charming and the overall appeal they give out is quite alluring. It’s fascinating how a small stone can look so fascinating. If you’re planning to get an emerald stone, get one with a cushion cut. That’s one of the best styles for emerald rings.

Pigeon blood, oval-shaped ruby ring

Ruby is like sapphire’s red sister. They come from the same key mineral but exhibit a few different properties.

The exquisite red color in rubies is what makes these stones so charming. You can amplify your princess-like look by simply putting on an oval-shaped ruby ring. These rings will complement any dress you wear, and any color you embrace. They demand attention and announce your presence to the world the moment you enter the room. Certainly, a fitting ring for a princess, isn’t it?

Now that you know what types of rings you can choose from, it’s time to start exploring these options. Be sure to buy from licensed jewelers, and check the product before making the purchase.


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