drone camera in flight

You can see drones everywhere, being used for different reasons, from commercial purposes to flying for enjoyment. The military forces also use drones for surveillance, as a mode of communication in remote areas, as a weapon, and more.

With the popularity of video blogging, drones were also used as tools to upgrade the experience of online users. All of these reasons explain why there are many different types and styles of drones for sale in the market.

How did drones start

It was in the early part of the 80s when the first commercial UAV flight was launched. At that time, these drones were not as sophisticated looking as they are today. They were big and ugly and mainly used for military and industrial purposes.

Fortunately, technology improved the way drones look. And alongside the drastic change in their appearance, along came its flexible use. These new and improved drones hugely made their way into the commercial market.

These high-tech drones gave birth to the obstacle avoidance technology and geofencing. Both of these technologies made drone-flying easier and safer for experienced and beginner pilots alike. Now, drones are also compatible with different camera types, from 4k ones to the hyperspectral types. They are also utilized for various commercial applications.

Currently, the market for drones is worth more than $1bn. By 2024, this number is set to rise as high as $4bn. This is not impossible as drones are also fitted with cameras. This made aerial photography possible both for commercial and personal reasons. From crop data analysis to aerial photography, the uses of drones just keep on growing. So, if you are going to ask if it is wise to invest in drones, the answer is a big and resounding yes. Here are more reasons.

Drones are fun to play with

It is rare to find kids who did not wish to buy a flying vehicle. Way back then, RC helicopters and planes were expensive, so it is not easy for everyone to buy one. However, when the market opened for drones, things changed. Since there are camera drones for sale for as low as $50, everyone can now seem to buy a flying vehicle!

Some of these drones are flyable both outdoors and indoors, so you can have fun with your friends maneuvering and flying it anywhere. Plus, it is easy to operate. You can do some fancy maneuvers with a single push of a button. If you are the adventurous type, you can fly these drones at 40kmh.

Try an immersive drone flying experience

If you are looking for high-end sophisticated drones, you can try those that are compatible with different VR headsets. This kind of drone can give you that fantastic immersive drone flying experience. From where you are, you can see what your drone sees from new heights and angles. These VR headsets also come with HD screens so you can enjoy a wide field of view. And there are also drones with two VR headsets – you can share the fun experience with a friend or loved one.

Drone for business

Some high-end drones also come with a three axis-gimbal stabilized 4K camera. This makes aerial photography way easier. If you are thinking of initiating photography business, you can add value to your clients if you also offer aerial photography. You will have a competitive advantage since not everyone is offering this kind of service. While expanding your business, you also get to expand your market base, effectively adding more profits to your photography venture.

From its industrial and military uses, drones have indeed come a very long way. Now, you can use it for enjoyment, hobby, or business. If you want to invest in this gadget, the best time to do that is now.


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