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There are endless reasons to grill, but every one of us has our motivation. For some of us, grilling is an escape from life and a way to relax, while for others, it is an opportunity to show off their cooking skills.

For some of you, maybe your backyard is like an oasis that you consider being your happy place. Or perhaps some of you grill out of nostalgia, remembering the childhood memories of spending time with your parents. No matter why you choose to grill, we have curated a list of top reasons why everyone should own a grill.

You might have read a lot of reviews on the internet about how it feels to grill. Also, you must have read product reviews such as the lion grill review or maybe reviews of other products, but now it’s time to know why grilling is America’s top choice for cooking.

It’s Healthy

Grilled food is any day healthier than fried food. This is because of the fat in your food drips off as your food cooks, retaining its flavor and juices. You can pick lean slices of meat free from added hormones, antibiotics, and/or nitrates. Grilled food is also healthy because you don’t require any batter coating or dripping grease.

Use Less Condiments and Sauces

Since grilling is for high meat in most cases, it retains all the delicious juices so that your meal stays soft as well as moist without having to put high-calorie butter, oil, or any other sauce. You just need some spices to sprinkle on top of vegetables and meat that enhance the flavor.

Reduced Electricity Bill

Cooking in the kitchen heats the whole house, which requires you to switch on your air conditioner. This is especially the case in those summer months. Keep your home fresh, binge eat some delicious food, and save money in the process!

Have an Instant Get Together

Do you own a backyard with a pool and grill? That really sounds like a party place. There is something special about grilling outside, having fun in the pool, and spending time with your nears and dears.

While your little ones can enjoy hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill, you can sip on some cocktails and indulge in fun conversations with your friends.

Huge Variety

Ceaseless rain, rising temperatures, and blossoming trees mean just one thing – summer is in full swing, and it’s time to grill. Whether you’ve a petit balcony or a huge backyard, you will find something from basic to fully loaded quickly.

From the popular gas grills to portable ones that you can use indoors and outdoors, you will find them. There is a massive variety of options available in the market, so that you never run out of options when buying a grill.

Kebabs – For Life

This time of the year is all about being tempted to rush into grilling and throwing whatever ingredients you have on the hot grates. We know that you can’t wait to enjoy grilling, but let’s not forget about the basic and everyone’s favorite – kebabs!

Whether you are planning to surprise your little one or setting up a romantic surprise for your partner, kebabs are simply perfect. They are not only delicious but easy to make. Kebabs are indeed a crowd-pleasing meal served on a stick and are a significant part of griller’s regular rotation.


You might love cooking meat and vegetables over a grill. Still, maybe you don’t know that fruit, pizza, or quesadillas taste delicious when made over a grill. Impress your guests by cooking wonderful meals over a barbecue.

Megadose of Vegetables

Do you also think that vegetables instantly become delicious over a grill? Moreover, vegetables are grilled at a higher temperature, and you don’t need to cook them for long. This means that the vegetables don’t lose essential vitamins as well as minerals.

My tip – Some fruits and vegetables that are great to grill include eggplant, zucchini, mango, pineapple, and tomatoes. You can also grill bell peppers, apple, pear, and endive.

The longer you cook vegetables, the more you leach out vitamins and minerals. Thus, the shorter cooking time on a grill will help preserve nutrients.

Perfection in Taste

This reason does not need to b mentioned. We all know that it’s hard to beat the smoky flavor of grilled vegetables and meat. Grilled food is juicy, yet cooked to perfection and pleases even the fussiest eater. The fantastic smell rising to the sky, sizzle on the grates, and the delicious juices dripping on coal makes grill food all the yummier.

Clean Kitchen

You can get a night or day off from cleaning pans and pots, stovetop, and countertop. Although you will periodically need to clean your grill, majority of the cases, you can do it with a firm wire brush to get the grates once you have used it. Additionally, many grills come with a clean feature which burns off the food that falls.

A Social Activity

Grilling can be a great social event, which also implies increased physical activity. If you have more than one grill, you can even hold a grill competition. You can also ask your friends to bring their grill along. This will give a perfect chance to create memories and take part in outdoor activities.

Move over, sitting in front of your laptop or television all day long, and take part in activities that make you fit.

Summing Up

Grilling is like a stress reliever that is also fun to do. For most people, sitting in the backyard, sipping on a cold beverage, and experiencing the smoke wafting through the air is the most relaxing part of a day. Also, smoke is like an unsung ingredient of every dish you create. It amplifies anything you cook, whether it is vegetables, protein, or even desserts.

Moreover, cooking outdoors on a grill is a great activity to spend time with your family. Even your little one will love roasting some marshmallow over the grill. Ultimately, the passion for grilling unifies people and brings them together, and we surely need more of that in our lives.


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