PTAC Units are the most simple and easy to use solution for climate control in our homes. They are energy efficient and can provide both cooling and heating.

However, this hasn’t stopped companies from rolling out additional features and upgrades. These accessories come preinstalled on your new PTAC unit so get improved functionality and the unit benefits you for a longer time.

Features That Are Worth Considering For PTAC Unit

Energy Saver Kit

With unusual weather patterns becoming more common, the climate in your room can get either too hot or too cold, and this can increase the energy consumption of your PTAC. An Energy Saver Kit can reduce the electricity consumption of your PTAC unit. Most energy saver kits available in the market can be attached to any model and make of PTAC.

The kit is installed on the coil and regulates the thermostat to achieve maximum efficiency while providing a relaxing environment for you.

Remote Thermostat

The PTAC installed at your premises will have a built-in thermostat. This thermostat can be hard to reach especially for the elderly because it is positioned at a very low height. Or if you have a toddler at home, they can change the settings of the thermostat.

The easiest solution for this problem is to install a remote thermostat, it can be installed on a wall. At a spot in the room that is easily accessible and a height that is higher than the PTAC unit. So no one has to reach for the PTAC unit and kneel to change the settings. New models have this feature included by the manufacturer so you should choose a model that comes with it.

Drain Kit

Although PTAC units do not require a drain kit to be installed because the condensate is deposited at the coil, to cool it down. But in an extra humid climate, your PTAC unit may start condensing more humidity. This extra condensate needs to be drained.

A drain kit will drain the condensed water. It will include drain pipes, gaskets and a spout that will connect these to the PTAC units base.

Multi-Speed Fan

Most PTAC units have two settings: a high or a low but these can be increased. The fan speed is an important factor to determine the noise level and airflow of your PTAC. A Multi-speed fan will give you a silent and quiet operation with greater reliability. Newer models come with multi-speed fans so they are quieter.

Remote Control

With customer’s comfort the topmost priority, PTAC manufacturers have started including remote controlled units. These remote controls can perform a variety of tasks. They are just like the remotes of split AC’s.

The remote control makes it easy for you to change the temperature settings, fan speed, whether you want heating or cooling. Helping you adjust these operations while sitting on your sofa, bed or chair, without having to move.

Where Should I Get A New PTAC Unit?

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