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A Master in Biotechnology is a research-oriented program of 1.5 to 2 years offered by some of the top Biotechnology Colleges in Canada. As the course is research-based, post it’s completion, students will have to submit a thesis. This course is available as both full-time and part-time mode. It is also available in online mode and as certificate courses. The cost of studying MS or M.Sc in Biotechnology ranges between 40,249 – 76,746 CAD.

If you are a Graduate in Biology, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, and other related fields, then only you are eligible to study at Biotechnology Colleges in Canada. Some of the top Biotechnology colleges in Canada provide training and internship opportunities as a part of their curriculum.

Top 4 Biotechnology Colleges in Canada offering Masters in Biotechnology

Below mentioned are top 4 Biotechnology Colleges in Canada offering Masters in Biotechnology:

Country Rank Biotechnology Colleges in Canada Course Application Deadlines Fees (CAD)
1 University of Toronto (Mississauga) MBiotech (24 months) January 10 45,793
3 McGill University MScA Biotech Applied Masters (16 months) March 31 16,508
16 University of Guelph MBiotech (24 months) Currently Closed 27,916
29 Brock University MSc Biotech (24 months) Rolling 47,900

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of the top Biotechnology colleges in Canada, which offers a 24-month program covering two major sectors – Biopharmaceutical and Digital Health Technology. The course includes 8 to 12 months of paid work opportunities as well. If you combine biotechnology with business, then this becomes a great program.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent degree with a GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 or 78 to 81 percent.
  2. The GRE score of the aspirant.
  3. English Proficiency: If your primary language is not English, you should submit a score of any one of these: TOEFL, MELAB, IELTS, ELP test.

McGill University

McGill offers a 16 month long Masters program in Biotechnology. The university is among the top Biotechnology Colleges in Canada. The course has 45 credits and includes in-house training on molecular biology and a six to the eight-month research-based internship program. The syllabus includes the following:

  • Topics in Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biotechnology Management
  • Biotechnology Laboratory 1 and 2
  • Genetics and Bioethics
  • Research Projects (1-4) provide first-hand experience in a research laboratory of the university or the private and public sectors

The specializations can be taken in consultation with an academic advisor from the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Medicine, Science, Engineering, or Management and according to student interests.


To be eligible for a GPA of 3.2 on a scale of 4.0 is a must. This means that the equivalent percentage is 82 to 84%. Well, the GRE score is optional. With regards to Language Proficiency, 86 in TOEFL and 6.6 in IELTS is mandatory.

University of Guelph

The Masters in Biotechnology offered by the University of Guelph comes in 4 semesters, and spans for 2 years. The last two semesters are dedicated to research projects. The particular program offered by one of these top Biotechnology colleges in Canada comes under the department of molecular & cellular biology and the department of management studies. The eligibility requirements are:

  • Students must have 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 as GPA in their undergraduate degree, which is equivalent to 75%.
  • GRE scores are not required to be eligible.

For Language Proficiency, students will need the following scores:

  • TOEFL: 89
  • IELTS: 6.5

Brock University

The Mathematics Department administers the MS Biotechnology program offered by one of these Biotechnology Colleges in Canada. The program is made of 6 terms. The course offers two specializations: Chemical Biotechnology and Gene Biotechnology. Applicants must comply with the following criteria for admission.


Aspirants must have scored a minimum of 78% marks in their undergraduate degree of 4 years. One must also submit English Proficiency test scores i.e., TOEFL: 80 and IELTS: 6.5.

Biotechnology Colleges in Canada: Cost of Study for Masters in Biotechnology

Studying at Biotechnology Colleges in Canada for international aspirants means a lot of expenses with regards to application cost, test fees, cost of health insurance, travel cost, stay and tuition cost, etc. All expenses can be categorized as Pre-arrival Cost, Tuition Cost, Living Cost & Post-Arrival Expenses. The details of the expenses are as follows:

  1. Average approximate Cost of Living – 20,141 CAD
  2. Approximate Tuition Fees – 11,000 to 24,000 CAD
  3. Approximate Pre-Arrival cost – 17,451 to 21,000 CAD

In Canada, despite all such expenses, there are various scholarship programs available for International students. These scholarships either take care of your tuition costs or the cost of living or both. To know more about them, check the link here – Scholarships in Canada.

Why Study Biotechnology in Canada?

According to reports, about 5000 biotech companies are in Canada, thus making it a global power in this sector. There is a high requirement for biotech professionals due to a shortage of skills to the extent of 33%. Canada also offers about 9398 CAD as co-op wage subsidies to the biotech companies for hiring students having STEM & business courses degrees under the BioTalent student program.

As per official records, someone with a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from top Biotechnology colleges in Canada can earn 29 percent more than undergraduates.

Some of the Biotech professionals’ average salaries after passing out from top Biotechnology colleges in Canada are as follows:

  • Quality Control Analyst – 90,659 CAD
  • Quality Assurance Analyst – 97,371 CAD
  • Product Development Engineer – 124,000 CAD
  • Research Scientist – 107,444 CAD

After seeing the growth possibilities in Canada in Biotechnology, you can consider to study at biotechnology colleges in Canada and secure a stable career for yourself.


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