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Most people who are about to go on holiday will be thinking in practical terms. They need to bring the essentials, yet aim to travel as light as possible. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be at the expense of looking great. There’s no need to dress like a ‘typical tourist’ when all it will take is a little planning, money, and imagination. Let’s discuss some ideas right now.

Think About Bags and Backpacks

Despite all the luggage, there may still be the option to bring a hand or shoulder bag. It won’t just look fashionable but can contain such essential things as travel documents that must always be close by. Smaller bags are perfect for providing instant access on a plane.

People who are about to trek outdoors also have options. The benefit of using leather backpacks is that they look great and pretty much last forever. They can survive the onslaughts of hot or wet weather, and be resilient enough inside to cope with varying contents. As a bonus, they don’t have to be relegated to travel use alone. Many people use stylish backpacks when going to school or work as well.

Bring Practical Clothes

Whilst we obviously need to dress suitably for the climate in our home country, people traveling abroad also need to have an eye on the destination. We’re not just talking about the temperature and climate here. Bring things that will suit the planned activities, such as sports and sunbathing. We will look fabulous if our clothes fit in well with the locals. Also, consider the political and cultural aspects of the holiday destination. Some types of clothing are viewed as inappropriate abroad, so a little research may be in order beforehand.

Linen clothes can become creased very quickly, whilst wrinkle-free fabrics serve us well when traveling. When regularly getting clothes in and out of rucksacks or cases, wool, spandex, or knitted fabrics are ideal.

Bring Layers

If we are traveling somewhere with a range of different temperatures, it’s best to think in terms of layers. Why not wear a nice blouse or dress when it’s hot and add a jumper in the evening. If it gets cold or rainy, bring a suitable coat and even warm socks and gloves.

Just as a colorful throw can bring new life to an old futon, scarves can enhance the overall look of our clothes. The beauty is that they are small, light, and easy to pack. A couple of these in wise choices of color can help maintain a trendy look.

Take Accessories and Think of Your Hair

Just like scarves, accessories are easy to travel with, and can easily enhance our looks. It would be foolish to bring anything too expensive in case it gets lost, but such things as pendants, watches, or bracelets can be game-changers.

Anyone who is heading for hot weather will benefit from having shorter hair. It’s also more practical when camping and braving the elements. If someone has their hair up, it can be tidy and attractive in one. Top knots and buns are very practical, and many models adopt this style. If the weather is going to be particularly humid, why not bring an anti-frizz hair product?

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Slip-on shoes may be best for traveling by airplane. If someone needs walking shoes they can buy quality leather ones from camping shops. Make sure they have good soles and cushioned insoles. Check out Chelsea boots, sliders, loafers, and sneakers, depending on the destination. Colorful shoes can stand out if they are worn with solid color clothing. Ankle boots or knee-high boots may be a good idea when on the go, but make sure they won’t take up too much packing space.

Consider Glamping

Glamping is a cross between camping and staying in a hotel. It reduces a lot of the challenges people experience with basic camping. People arrive on site and everything is set up, including luxuries like heating, composting toilets and wood fueled showers, electricity, and water.

Think about sitting comfortably in stylish directors’ chairs with side tables rather than the basic fold-up seats. Imagine having more luggage space for nice clothes instead of basic camping gear. Dream of sleeping in comfort on an actual bed with a mattress and bedding!

Whenever anyone prepares to travel, they will need to walk the fine line between being practical and looking good. Let’s bring stylish bags and elegant yet practical clothes. Choose complimentary layers and colorful accessories. Let your hair and footwear be practical, yet pleasing to the eye. Take another look at the benefits of glamping too.


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