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Let’s be honest, something changes inside us all the minute we become parents. It’s almost as though our lives no longer remain our own, irrevocably taken over by these magical little creatures we feel like we have been destined to look after. Anything and everything is about them, even things we uses to hold close to our hearts prior to their arrival.

One such activity many new mothers admit has forever been changed for them is shopping. We all love to do it, of course. But after motherhood, buying children’s clothes and accessories becomes way more appealing. And the same goes for our choice of interiors, especially when it comes to designing your kid’s bedroom or baby nursery. You will want it to be the absolute cutest, full of your little one’s favourite colours, favourite cartoons and favourite toys. After all, this is where they will spend the initial parts of their lives, right?

Now, some kids want to become astronauts. Others dream of being Batman or little princesses. Either way, you want to give them a space that motivates them. Remember, most of their time will be spent here, recreating and learning as they grow.

That’s why it is important to design the room with utmost care. To make it easier for you, we have compiled some tips to spruce up your kid’s bedroom and that too, in no time, without burning a hole into your pockets.

Read on and trust us, your little one will love you for it!

Invest in Durable Furniture

Buying furniture of any sort is no easy feat. It is heavy, expensive and with so much variety out there, it’s often hard to know what to buy and from where. When it comes to buying furniture for children, it is best to avoid buying something you will want to cry over in case it gets damaged. Navigating the complexities of furniture shopping becomes more manageable when you prioritize top-quality kids’ beds. Investing in durable and well-crafted pieces not only ensures longevity but also provides peace of mind, alleviating concerns about potential damage.

Instead, head to a children’s interior shop and ask for durable items that will stand the test of time and grow with your child. Like a solid oak wood bed, for example. Or a leather armchair with washable upholstery.

Create a Play Area

So what is you are pressed for space? Even a small bedroom should suffice for a toddler to play around. Interior decorators recommend clearing up the centre by pushing the bed(s) against the wall.

Another great idea is to cover one wall with chalkboard paint that the tykes can unleash their creative juices upon. You can even invest in fortress kids beds! We guarantee they will love this well into their pre-teens.

Be Versatile

Whether it is for a child or an adult, a room with a theme is always a winner. For example, many children love sports, right? Why not create a bedroom based on their favourite sport? Paint the walls with colours of the teams they support or slap on posters of their sporting idols.

If they like football, add a framed football jersey or a team helmet. The sky is the limit here, so long as you are willing to put in the initial hard work. Again, let us remind you this is the room your child will revert to in their mind every time they feel down. Best to make it as personal a space for them as you can!

Manage the Storage

Now, we all know just how difficult it can be to keep a child’s room in order. But have you ever heard of kid-friendly storage?

Let us explain: these are usually colourful plastic boxes and containers that can be used to hide away toys, books, spare blankets – literally anything that you wouldn’t want lying around. These cheap and easy storage bins are also a great way to teach your little one how to keep their room clean.

Name Art and Other Wall Hangings

One of the very first – and perhaps, most important – things a child learns is how to spell their name. Investing in or creating a decorative wall-hanging that displays it is the ideal trick to help them remember all the letters and how to write them. You can pick different fonts for each of the letters to add a dose of creativity or opt for different colours. Cut them out of construction paper, paint or sketch them or add patterns and borders as you like. And if your child is old enough, ask them to help you too. What a fun, creative, bonding exercise!

Safety First!

Last but certainly not least, make sure there are no uncovered electric sockets, sharp bed edges or wobbly cupboards around, lest your child gets hurt. What good would a perfect desk be if your child has bad memories of having hit their head on it?


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