goth style clothing

Dressing up Goth doesn’t mean you have to follow traditions set eons ago. Just mind the basic guidelines and pair with something modern to create a trendy look for yourself. If you don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place as I am going to give you the following guidelines:

1. Pastels

Dark tones define Goth style best. But it won’t kill you if you go for some lighter tones. There are several ways you can pair up dark and light tones in your Goth dress up. For instance, try a silver pleated bottom and combine it with a black graphic shirt. Once again, you need long boots and mind your makeup.

Net skirts are also considered a norm; they are trendy so you can mix your skirt with a good t-shirt. Accessorize your dressing with a choker a few bracelets. Red hair dye is in these days. You can top it all with a nice hat. You can easily find one in a Goth Store.

2. Casual Bits

You can find Goth styling elements in almost everything if you know how to use it. Fit it into your dressing but don’t overdo it. You can add some character in your styling if you wear some fishnet stocking and a shirt with a tie. If you want, high ponytail with winged eyeliner and red lips will be a nice combination. If you want to take this thing to the next level, get a leather jacket.

3. Formal Touch

Cropped tops look great when paired with net top and pencil skirts. You can pair leather and silk as a gown. Once again, you can’t complete your look without some boots, especially high heeled ones.

You can play with your look by striped socks with the black frock. Pair this dark look with bleached or blond hair, and you will kill it. You can find upstate the whole thing with some fishnet in your arms and leggings.

4. Seasonal Combinations

If you are dressing up for the cold season, get a long black tunic with leather stockings and beanie. Accessorize it with lots of jewelry.

5. Check Your Bottoms

Black pants and skirts combined with stockings give off the perfect gothic style. But you can try something different once in a while with the following:

  • Peplums
  • Drapes
  • Denim shorts
  • Jumpers

6. Your Footwear

The best thing about gothic footwear is its very simple. You have great choices like platform boots. They are an excellent alternative for stilettoes, high tops, and ankle boots.

If platform boots are not your thing, then you can try edgy leather shoes. You can pick anything if it’s slipped on, zipped or laced. Just make sure they look mean. You can pair up your boots with buckles and spikes if you want.

7. Your Accessories

You need to mix and match your accessories with your outfit. Try out different things. Match tops with necklaces or your belts with your watches. Have an open mind but do follow the basic guidelines of Goth dressing. You don’t want to make yourself a laughing stock.


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