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Everybody wants to be fit having a toned body that makes you look young and healthy. However, being fit is easier said than done as it requires regular exercise. For most people, finding the strength and consistency to stick to their exercise program is a big problem. This is why they have been struggling with their fitness for years. In this article, we will discuss five tips that will help you to stick to your exercise program.

Five Tips to Help You Stick to Your Exercise Program

In this section, we will highlight useful tips that can enable you to be consistent with your workout routine.

  • Mentality Change: A change of mentality or mindset is the first and probably most important step to take in hacking consistency with your workout. Changing your outlook on exercise from something you have to do to something that you want to do will change a lot. Once you start regarding exercise as something that you want to do, it becomes an opportunity instead of a chore. This way, you no longer have to be too hard on yourself. Instead, you set healthy goals for yourself and smash them with a smile on your face.
  • Start Easy: Nothing kills your motivation for exercise faster than trying to do too much from the get-go. You need to understand that just like any task, it is important to ease into exercising in order to keep a steady routine. Do not start out by doing 100 push-ups, as you might get tired and start avoiding workouts. Start with easy routines, such as 10 pushups making sure to increase it steadily as time goes on. The trick to making it work is to start with goals that can be easily attained, and you will find yourself doing more in no time.
  • Track Your Progress: Tracking your progress is a great way to motivate yourself on a fitness journey. Tracking your progress enables you to know how much work you are putting in while being a good way to hold yourself accountable. A digital or physical calendar is a great way to track your progress. You can also outline your goals on a sticky note, taking them off only after the goal has been achieved.
  • Reward Yourself: A reward is a great way to celebrate someone for a job well done. You can also reward yourself after smashing your workout goals. A night out with your friend or a new gadget are great rewards for workout consistency.
  • Accountability Partner: Having an accountability partner can do you a whole world of good. Not only do you guys set goals together, you are also able to motivate one another when you are not feeling up to exercising. It is important to get an accountability partner that is as focused as you are.


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