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While our children growing up in urban and digital time, sometimes it’s hard to make them see and do things differently. They are spending most of their time inside the house near the TV or computer. It’s not that bad because their future will be so much different than ours and they have to be prepared for it. But without a healthy social life or some physical activities outside the house, they could maybe have struggled with anxiety and depression in puberty or early age. As every caring parent, you want to prevent that to happen.

We will give you some tips on how to get your children outside of the house and make them more social.

Reschedule daily plans together

We are all busy moms and dads and we have to work more than one job so that we could make a better future for our children. If you look carefully at your daily schedule, maybe you will find some free time that you could use to spend it with your kids. For example, if you have to wash your car twice a week take your child with you. Or if you have to make dinner or go to the grocery store ask them to do those things with you. Make it look like you’re going to play a game with them. For example, make a contest in cooking like who will whisk eggs faster or in a grocery shop who will first bring 10 groceries to the cash register. Include some time to make it more challenging to them. At first, it will be hard and they will probably refuse your proposal but be persistent. Doing some basic activities together will strengthen your bond and make you closer than before. And eventually, they will realize that there are a lot of simple things to do that can be more amusing than watching TV all day long.

Lure their curiosity

To make your children more physically active can be quite a challenge sometimes. Guiding them to have a strong healthy life takes a lot of patience and understanding. In this digital era playing video games on the computer for hours is something that all kids have in common. Remember how you caught yourself telling your child to take a break from video games and he refused every time? Maybe you should try to make a different approach to him. If you want your toddler to go outside and play try to lure his curiosity in another way. The market is full of sports toys buying guide. Playing basketball in your backyard could be the perfect game for a start. Attach a backboard on a garage wall or any wall of the house and start it by yourself at first while it’s your kid at home. The child will not ignore the sound of basketball bouncing and the chain rattling of the hoop. It will make him curious and you could even see how he tries to be invisible while he is watching you through the window. After a few good shots, you will play basketball with your kid in the backyard and have an amazing time.

Take a trip

If you want to get your kids outside often taking them on a trip could be an excellent idea. To pick the right trip for both of you try to get some information personally from them like what they want to see or which an animal or a plant they love. Use their computer skills to choose together the right vacation. Don’t take them to visit their grandparents or distant cousins. They need something new, something exciting to see and a place that will make them wish to be outside of the house more than before.

For example, you could go together to see some exotic animals in wild nature. Going to the Zoo is not an option. Book sam experienced tour guides, buy some binoculars and explore together behaviors of lions, rhinoceros, giraffes, and elephants in the wild. Seeing your child excited and amused will melt your heart in seconds. He will talk about your trip every day and ask you for some more activities that will include spending time together.

Summer courses

During the summer holiday, you could take a course in scuba diving together. The course will allow him to learn some new skills and expand his knowledge about the sea. With you, he will feel safe in the water and evolve the need to ask you about some tips and tricks that will make him better in diving. Encouraging your child to learn something new is a crucial thing that every parent should do. You will gain his trust and he will think of you as a friend, not just a carrying parent. Gaining their trust and develop a friendly relationship is essential to every toddler.

Keep in mind that every child is different. Being a parent it’s not an easy thing to do. Still, many things will make you feel proud. Seeing your children how they are becoming strong and independent is priceless. Sometimes it’s hard and challenging for both of you but be positive and stay strong. Every time you feel like your failing in something use that feeling to push yourself to do an amazing thing. Don’t stop trying, be persistent and your gonna be great. Your effort will be granted through their happiness and that is substantial.


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