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We live in an incredibly tumultuous time in human history. With the global economic crises, extreme lockdown measures and rhetoric of panic that has ensued in the wake of the covid19 pandemic, it is safe to say that we are all feeling the pressure and stress of the situation.

We have looked into the options to curate the very best in ideas. Looking through some water fountain ideas, inspiring decor items and a variety of subtle additions, we have compiled a list of top options for creating your tranquil meditation room.

Glass Floor Fountain

A glass floor fountain is a standalone addition that requires no physical installation. The beauty of the option lies in the glass. This creates the effect of an evenly distributed waterfall from either viewing angle. It also gives the outcome of a wall of water so to speak, as the glass is hidden and hence invisible, merely guiding the flow of the water; tranquility incarnate.

Candle Lighting

We don’t mean just lighting a few freestanding candles. There are beautiful fittings for candles, both wall and ceiling mounted. There is nothing quite like a dangling pendulum of gentle candle lighting to set the tone for peaceful self-reflection. Another excellent option is pillar candles. These are large freestanding candles that make a strong visual impact while offering gentle additive lighting.

Throw Pillows As Seating

Large throw pillows cultivate a sense of comfort as it is. Combined with a Feng Shui aesthetic by way of zen themed pillowcases, throw pillows are the perfect seating solution. They double as both practical and decorative and can be lumped together to create a bohemian, laid back aesthetic. Such small additions will improve your ability to delve into the healing power of meditation.

Little Decor Zen Garden

While the novelty tabletop zen gardens are a lovely addition to any space, for your meditation room, you may wish to implement something a bit more prominent. A more extensive zen garden adds not only to the character and tranquility of the meditation space but offers practical engagement as well. You can buy the larger one’s online, or perhaps consider building your own. By taking the DIY approach and making a zen garden, you can use materials to compliment the rest of your decor.

Natural Oddities

Nature represents the essence of spiritual calm. A great way to implement that in your meditation space is by bringing rough natural materials into your decor. What do we mean by natural oddities though? We rather say items you can find outdoors, such as unique stones and rocks and fossilized tree stumps. You could have some dried reeds in place of flowers and plants. Crystals make for a beautiful addition, as do knotted feather bunches.

Emphasized Natural Lighting

Our final tip comes to us from the world of photography. Your focus should be aimed to emphasize natural lighting as much as possible. There are a few ways to maximizing natural illumination. First and foremost, it is best to use only the most gossamer of window treatments. Avoiding blinds and heavy curtains, opt instead for delicate, light materials. The area surrounding your window should be as bright as possible as well. White painted window panes will best reflect light into your meditation space.


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