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Renting an office can be a costly affair especially to young entrepreneurs. From rent to other bills such as water, electricity, internet and telephone lines, things can sometimes go haywire and leave you closing the business almost immediately. That’s why the idea of opting for shared workspaces has been embraced by many entrepreneurs willing to build their own businesses. Shared workspaces give you the chance to grow your business in a suitable location surrounded by a community of innovative people without spending a fortune.

Shared workspaces are also flexible allowing people to choose their working hours. There are many companies offering coworking spaces and also virtual office space. It’s not only accommodating but it’s also affordable and the location is awesome. So, if you are an entrepreneur, forget about the struggles of getting a perfect location for your business and concentrate on acquiring a working space in a reputable shared workplace without spending all your capital. The savings you make for opting for a co-shared workspace can be channeled back to the business.

While the benefits of shared workplaces are countless, sometimes, it can also be a challenge to protect yourself in such public places. But don’t worry about that. This article shares informative, educative and well-researched information concerning your safety in a shared workspace. Make use of these tips so as to protect yourself and your co-workers. This way, you will enjoy a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Quick sanitary tips to keep your workspace germ-free

The small steps you take to protect yourself can do a great deal to maintaining a healthy life. You need to be healthy to achieve all the goals you have set. Even during these Covid-19 moments, you can still work full-time without compromising your health. Here are some quick tips to help you keep your workspace free from any viruses and billions of bacteria.

Enhance your cleaning

The first thing you need is to ensure your workspace is clean all the time. Times are gone when you could leave a messed-up workspace and report the following day without a care in the world. If you are still doing this, you have to change your ways instantly. Times have changed and so should you.

You must clean and disinfect your workstation and anything in that area before doing anything else. Throughout your working hours, ensure you frequently clean all the frequently touched surfaces such as drawer pulls, keyboard, mouse, mobile phones, etc. Take your cleaning to a higher level. Disinfect the surfaces and objects that are often touched by two or more people as many times as you can. If your colleagues are not as careful as you, sensitize them. If they still don’t see the seriousness, don’t get tired and leave the viruses and bacteria to win. Continue to disinfect those surfaces for your own good.

If you don’t have access to tap water and soap, then keep the sanitizer at hand. Make sure you use it every time you suspect your hands are not clean, for at least 20 seconds. Also, clean your hands after using the washroom, before eating, after touching garbage and every time you leave or enter your working space. Remember to encourage your visitors to do the same. After work, make sure you remove your work clothes and clean them as soon as possible immediately you get home.

Keep physical distance

You have a critical role when it comes to protecting yourself in a shared workplace. Hence, it is your responsibility to find out what is expected of you, if are to stay safe while working. As much as you want to socialize and network with other co-workers, do so with caution to avoid putting yourself at risk. It won’t harm to make use of technology and chat with your co-worker instead of going to their workspace. It’s a perfect way to protect you both.

Practice coughing and sneezing etiquette

When working in a shared workplace, you have the responsibility to lead by example. You won’t have the guts to reprimand a fellow worker for coughing without covering their mouth if that’s what you do as well. Therefore, we are living in a critical time when practising good hygiene etiquette is mandatory.

It is recommended that every time you cough or sneeze, you do so by covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or upper sleeve and put the used tissue in a closed bin. Avoid using your hands since your hands touch many surfaces and if you are sick, they can easily spread the virus.

Avoid touching surfaces with bare hands

When working in a shared workspace, there are certain facilities that you will have to share with your fellow workers. In that regard, the best way to protect yourself from germs that can lead to infections is to ensure you limit hand-to-surface expose all the time. For instance, use a tissue or wear a glove when opening the door. That way, if the door is covered with germs, your hands will be protected. Over the same, make sure you use your sanitizer just to be sure you are safe.

Avoid sharing personal items

Gone are the days when it was just okay to share personal items. Now you have to be extra careful with your stuff. If you are used to sharing communication devices, office gadgets, cigarettes or vaping equipment, it is highly recommended you avoid this completely.

Above all, remain calm

Shared working spaces are here to stay. With all the benefits associated with them, the idea won’t fade away. While it can pose a challenge due to the spread of viruses and bacteria, the above tips can help you protect yourself from infections. We are living in uncertain times. The world has been brought to a standstill. People can no longer go about their business without worrying about putting their lives at risk. Even at that, experts emphasize that we have to remain calm. Make sure you protect yourself and your loved ones but do so without panicking. Lastly, monitor your health on a daily basis. If you suspect all is not well, visit a medical facility just to be sure.


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