deep home cleaning

Maintaining a clean home can be a drag – you have different rooms to clean, and a seemingly endless list of areas to mop. But it does not have to always be that way. If you do little chores daily such as removing grime from the kitchen countertop and throwing out the garbage, you may find that the need to do a detail-cleaning of the house reduces significantly.

If you are looking to stretch the time between one-off cleaning, try practicing the steps below:

Make your bed

Develop the habit of making your bed each morning. Forget your excuses and spend even a few seconds every morning folding the sheets and arranging the pillows. A messy bed will make a room look cluttered. So if you want to achieve a pristine-looking bedroom, complete this simple chore. Making the bed can also minimize dust buildup on your pillows and sheets since you are covering them with a duvet or comforter.

Pay attention to where you are putting your clothes

A closet should make organizing your clothes simple. Ideally, it should allow you to find that classic black dress with ease. But if a trip to your walk-in closet requires you to rummage through a pile of disorganized handbags, clothes, and jewellery, then you need to practice keeping an organized closet by being mindful of where you put your clothes.

Dirty clothes belong to the laundry basket, and not on the chair or under your bed. Clean clothes that you don’t intend to use straight away must be placed inside the cabinet where you can sort them by colours, or by style.

Before you shop for new items to add to your growing collection of dresses and accessories, make sure to organize your space, and keep any items that are out of season in another place.

Organize piles of paper

Paper clutter is a problem for many of us. We get electricity bills, coupons, receipts, and before we know it, we have piles of paper that make the house look messy. To keep papers organized and reduce the clutter for good, devise a filing system wherein you have folders with different colours for storing papers. For example, a purple-coloured folder is for bills that have been settled, another folder is for Christmas cards that you want to keep as a remembrance, and another colour-coded folder for coupons that you plan to use on specific occasions. It’s the digital age, and many companies are going paperless. Take advantage of this, and request for paperless billing from your internet service provider or from the utility company.

Wash the dishes immediately

Who does not hate doing dishes? The task is as unappealing as scrubbing the grout on your bathroom, so it’s no wonder that many of us let the dishes pile up before we actually get to work washing them. But as unpleasant as it is, washing the dishes has to be done. And it has to be done immediately if you want to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria in your kitchen sink. When it comes to washing the dishes, keeping up is better than catching up, so don’t let food particle harden on the plate unless you are willing to spend your free time scrubbing them off with all your might.

Seek the help of professional house cleaners

Cleaning the house means allotting a few hours every week to get everything in order. But sometimes, you just get too tired from juggling your social obligations, work, and family that you would rather relax than tackle house cleaning. If you don’t have the motivation and the time to handle the task, the best thing to do is to hire the services of professional home cleaners like Pristine Home. Just be careful in choosing a cleaning company and make sure you are hiring a reputable one that can provide you with a satisfaction guarantee.


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