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If you’ve started dating a guy who hunts, you have two options: support him from the sidelines or join in the fun and learn a thing or two! Hunting can be a great group activity, a good excuse to get outdoors, learn a new skill and spend time with your partner.

If you’ve decided to pick up hunting and join your partner on his trips, here are a few tips you can follow to really get the most out of the experience.

Go Shopping

If you decide to pick up hunting, there’s no way around the fact that you’ll need some gear of your own – you can’t simply borrow his stuff! Ask him to take you out shopping to help you pick out what you’ll need. If he’s been hunting for a while, he’ll know what to get.

Make a fun day of this trip. You can help each other to look out for the best hunting gear, choose the right pieces, etc.

Plan A Couple’s Trip

A couple’s getaway doesn’t have to be to a coastal paradise. A visit to the great outdoors in any capacity can be an amazing trip for you and your man. To make the most of things, consider booking a few nights at a romantic lodge or resort.

Often, there are great accommodation options nearby to popular hunting areas. Instead of camping, book yourselves a few nights somewhere pretty and secluded for a bit of quality alone time.

Double Date

If your man is a hunter, that probably means he has hunting friends, and getting to know them will be important. If any of his mates have girlfriends or wives that hunt too, consider going on a double date hunting trip together.

Going on a double date can be really beneficial for your relationship too – you’ll learn more about your partner, what he’s like in a group setting and who he spends his time with.

Let Him Have Time Away

Going on hunting trips together – alone or in a group – can be fun. It’s a great opportunity for couple time and getting to know one another better. However, you don’t want to impose too much.

Even if he says he wants you around, try to give him some space to go on a trip with just him and his buddies from time to time. The chances are that his trips are mainly for “guy time” and although he loves being with you, all men (and women) need some time away from their partners. Plan a girls’ weekend and let the men play from time to time!

Learn To Communicate Better

Of course, while you’re hunting, you’ll be able to communicate using walkie talkies. However, a hunt is usually favourable when things are pretty silent. This means that you and your partner will need to learn to communicate effectively as hunting partners too.

Overall, this experience could be great for strengthening your relationship and helping you learn to communicate better with one another in different ways.


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