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Clothes may make the brand, or the brand may make the clothes. But, it doesn’t matter if the design is timeless. “Timeless” labels clothing which is chic, durable, and priced for quality rather than a current trend.

If you take a step back, you will see some common features among the fashions considered timeless. They have, for example, a clean look. Their lines are simple and emphasize the quality of the fabric rather than distract with frills and flourishes.

They trust neutral palettes selecting colours that mix and match easily with separates, accessories, and makeup. The shades and hues are well-established and complement various complexions and hair colour. They avoid the bold, loud, and neon for muted brown, cranberry, heather, and seasonal colours. And, they favor stark blacks and whites because they have the skill to create scores of variation in design.

The timeless brands favor natural fibers. Quality organic cotton, unfinished linens, pure silks, authentic cashmere, and more, the fabrics are long lasting and always sharp and crisp. Their durability and minimalist design make them cost-efficient even if the fashions are pricey.

They are also marked by fine crafting. The sewing is delicate, strong, and finally finished. The detail is completed meticulously to shape form and function. Features like buttons, pleats, and embroidery are flawlessly executed.

Finally, timeless fashion includes some classic silhouettes and lines. Simple dress lines, pleated skirts, wool blazers, and raglan trench coats, well-fitted jeans, these designed dominate the inventory of timeless brands. And, they survive the short-lived trends driving retail sales.

Writing for Vogue, Laura Tortora said, “Seasons go by and trends change at the speed of light. But one style that never changes and that is based on simplicity and sheer elegance.”

The 7 fashion brands you know for their timeless work


  1. J. Crew has struggled in recent years. It has folded their tent on their preppy traditions to restructure its marketing approach. Analysts found their designs generic and pricey. Keeping lines timeless without reverting to generic is a constant challenge.
    They’ve diversified their product line with sweaters, maxi skirts, fashion t-shirts, and denim jackets. They have also improved their sizing availability on women’s and men’s clothes. Their aesthetic appeals to city citizens and travellers.

  3. Kenneth Cole offers classic looks for men and women. Their lines appeal to college students and office workers with an East coast vibe. Kenneth Cole retail stores feature a narrow line of clothing that options. They show only a few items available in colours on the same palette.
    The Kenneth Cole label is available through Amazon and the major department stores. Both the physical and online stores also devote more than 50 percent of their efforts to promoting shoes, bags, belts, colognes and perfumes, and other accessories. Kenneth Cole has positioned the label as a luxury line with reasonable prices. Customers will find more bargains through Stylinity.

  5. Brooks Brothers is a culture. Its allegiance to conservative Ivy League traditions continues its appeal. Irrevocably entrenched in their khaki slacks, blue blazer, and school tie world. They remain the standard bearer for the tweed, seersucker, and camelhair styles.
    Business Insider points out, “Brooks Brothers is America’s oldest clothing brand, established in 1818.” They created the off-the-rack suit and the ubiquitous, soft-collared button-down polo shirt. And, their timeless selections are found on men and women at lawn parties, in Wall Street offices, and on the backs of political leaders.

  7. Ralph Lauren follows those timeless design lines, but he introduces new fabrics and materials. He has a unique ability to see fashion in context. That scene might be the golf course, executive office, or western ranch.
    Lauren has become the arbiter of fashion for a uniquely American class. That might refer to the uniforms he has designed for U.S. Olympic teams or the plaids and leathers he creates for active skiers and equestrians. Anne Bratskier, writing for Newsday, said, “It isn’t that Ralph Lauren reinvents the wheel each time he presents a new collection, it’s that for five decades he’s kept the wheel steady.” Ralph Lauren’s pricey products are so timeless they have considerable resale value.

  9. Tom Ford is the latest arrival to the classic fashion scene. A respected film director and produced, Ford has been a highly placed director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He has a delicate taste and hand that favours simple lines and fine craftwork.
    He labels traditional and epically-tailored Shelton Jackets and Spencer Sports Jacket in tweeds, herringbones, and cashmere. But, he offers the same designs in silk, animal prints, and camouflage. His bold departures from timeless designs for men and women make him a favourite of celebrities.

  11. Giorgio Armani sells high-dollar clothing and accessories for men and women. The marvellously fitted clothes and their slim silhouettes are made for younger figures and large wallets. Armani has several labels that allow him to market online and through a range of prices.
    Dress shirts come tailored in the finest cotton, linen, and seersucker. Despite their claims, the shirts are slim-fitted and designed for their sleekness. Men’s suits are narrow-waisted and comfortable in fine fabrics like Virgil wool, half-canvas twill, Batavia twill, and more. Women’s dresses are simply sculpted, most without even buttons or belts. This holds true for knitwear and outwear.

  13. Levi Straus & Co. is a timeless denim fashion. Once a signature American brand, their jeans are produced in Mexico. Straus has introduced new fabrics and better fits for body types. But, they remain a classic look for younger men and women. All other designers’ jeans are variations on the Straus archetype.

They remain iconic throughout the world. Their resale potential testifies to the values in fabric, execution, and design. And, their only true competitor is their own Docker’s line of casual wear for activity and office.

Durable fashion brands

Prada and Gucci are other names you know and, perhaps, belong on this list. Where fashion matters to people, timeless designs rule their markets and drive their future. They know their markets well and fit the consumers who buy. Their styles influence the lines sold at mid-line retailers, so finding the timeless and classic helps their sales and labels.

Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani still produce haute couture, and they have defined young, bold, and celebrity fashion. But, like the other designers listed, their taste and disciplines are timeless to the core.


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