no water from tap

The sudden loss of water pressure can be frustrating. It invariably happens when you’re enjoying a hot shower. In order to resolve the problem, you’ll need to find out what is causing the sudden drop in water pressure and deal with it.

There are four things you should do straight away to identify the issue. However, you should also have the phone number of your local Sydney plumber handy. This will help you to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

1. Look For Leaks

Water pressure drops are often linked to cogs in the pipes and leaks. A leak can be inside your home or in the mains supply near your home.

Before you do anything else you should inspect all the pipes in your home. If you don’t do this and one of them is leaking, a significant amount of damage could be caused to your home.

If you do locate a leak you’ll need to decide how serious it is. Leaks that are losing a lot of water warrant shutting off the water system. A small drip can be contained with a container but still needs urgently fixing, your local plumber should be happy to help.

2. Check With The Neighbors

The next step, assuming you haven’t found a leak in your home, is to check with your neighbors. This is particularly relevant if you’ve noticed a sudden drop in water pressure. It’s likely that the water board is undertaking work in your area and has caused their own leak. This directs water away from your home, effectively reducing your water pressure.

Of course, this will affect all the houses in your area, hence the need to check with your neighbors.

If this is the case the problem should resolve itself shortly.

3. Inspect the Water Heater

If the water pressure drop has happened while you’re in the shower then it may be connected to your hot water heater. Check to see if the pressure is the same from the hot and cold pipes. Should the pressure be significantly greater from the cold tap you’ve probably got an issue with the water heater.

These are complicated pieces of kit, unless you’re going to simply increase the water pressure on the hot water heater you’ll want to get professional help.

4. Verify Water Pressure Regulator

Many homes have a water pressure regulator fitted. This simple device sits in your supply line and allows you to adjust the water pressure to suit your needs. Although it’s great having a high water pressure, this does increase your water usage and the high pressure can damage appliances and seals in your home.

The regulator allows you to set the pressure to a reasonable level, ensuring the safety of the appliances in your home. However, if it becomes faulty, it can cause a sudden drop or increase in your water pressure.

You’ll want to get it tested and replaced if necessary to resolve your water pressure issue.


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