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The CBD industry is abuzz with new companies and brands every day. Competition is usually good for any industry, but now with many companies and brands, it is a task to find a good brand and a trustworthy company. In this article, we will give you five pointers on what to look for when you are buying CBD online.


Know the events of your product from harvest to delivery. Look for a batch number on your CBD product. A product needs to have a batch number because it is impossible to trace back the materials used in the production process and the manufacturing process without a batch number. Therefore, you will not be able to check the validity of the product or know what you are consuming. The batch number links the CBD product to third-party laboratory test results. In addition to the batch number, the QR. code on the product packaging will also link the product to the laboratory test results for that batch.


While you are searching for the right CBD product for you, you might stumble across ingredients that you are not familiar with or an ingredient that does not compliment your health. Most sublinguals or a tincture usually have a base that is grapeseed oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, or MCT oil. We recommend that you use products that have an MCT(Medium-Chain Triglyceride) base because it adds healthy benefits. As you delve a little more into your CBD product search, you will come across ingredients which enhance the taste or effect of your CBD product. Some of these ingredients include turmeric, peppermint, and orange. These ingredients change the flavor profile of the product, so make sure they are natural flavors. Stay away from CBD products that have artificial food dyes, artificial flavoring, and a host of preservatives.


When you find a brand that piques your interest, you should research the company and its products. It is a good idea to have an insight into the company’s reputation. Many brands are known to cut corners when it comes to product production. We recommend that you perform a google search and find a legitimate online review company that has verified buyers. These reviews can also shed light on a company’s manufacturing practices, business practices, popular products, and help you choose a reputable company.

Product Type

The range of CBD products has grown tremendously. Before you choose the CBD product that is right for you, figure out whether you are trying to manage an internal ailment or an external issue. You will find different forms of CBD including edibles, oil tinctures, topicals, and gel capsules. These are just a few forms of CBD.

You also have to know what effect you desire from taking a CBD product. How long CBD lasts in your body would depend on the consumption method. Edible CBD gummy bears effectively manage stress, anxiety, and insomnia. They are convenient to travel with and easy to consume. It takes up to forty minutes to feel its effect.

Oil tinctures and gel caps use the oral consumption method as well. They can also take forty minutes before you experience the effects. The topical CBD products that we recommend are a CBD Stick or CBD Massage Oil. You can use these externally for muscle and joint pain, or any sore or tender areas.

THC Levels

According to the Federal government, CBD must come from industrial hemp to be legal. To follow federal regulations, CBD can have up to .3% THC by weight. You should note that it is still possible to fail a drug test with only .3% THC in your product. Trace amounts of THC can trigger positive results on a drug test. If you are required to take drug tests randomly, we recommend that you use a broad-spectrum CBD product.

You need to research before you purchase CBD products. The CBD industry has an influx of companies and a wide range of products. You have choices. We hope this article has been helpful to you as you set sail on your CBD purchase journey.


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