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When you are a business owner, you realize that without marketing your products or services, you may end up without making good sales. A good business should make enough sales to cater to its bills, pay the employees and realize a profit as well. This may prove to be a challenge if you don’t have a competent team of sales representatives.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or a wholesaler and are looking for ways to improve your sales, then you must consider the position of a qualified sales rep. These are people who will be in charge of visiting other businesses to market and sell your products or services to them. A strong sales team can make a commendable difference and enable a business to achieve its desired sales results.

For a business to grow and expand, you must find new clients to buy products from you apart from the loyal customers you already have. Growth means reaching out to new customers and convincing them to purchase your products. This should continue as long as you are in the world of running a business. As much as this may be tough, it’s the only way if your goal as a business is to grow and increase sales. There are different sales strategies you can use to achieve this. However, this article will focus more on sales representatives. That is because they play a crucial role when it comes to driving sales of a business.

The role of a sales representative in a business

To understand the role of a sales rep better, it is important to know who a sales rep is. This is a person responsible to showcase and sell products to other businesses, government agencies, organizations and individuals. They are critical people to the wholesalers and manufacturers since they market, promote and merchandise the products on their behalf. Sales representatives can market and sell a wide variety of products right from office equipment, soft drinks, pharmaceutical suppliers and much more.

A good sales rep should have an excellent understanding of each product they are selling. Otherwise, how will you convince a client to buy a product that you don’t know how it is used and its benefits? You need to show a potential customer that it’s this product they have been missing all along. Therefore, it is important to attend trade shows or conferences to keep up with customer needs and how the customers are perceiving the products. The information the sales reps take back to the manufacturers will help them produce products that suit the needs of their clientele.

Sales representatives work hand in hand with customers when selling their goods and services. It is during such times they can find out what the clients really want and creates a smooth selling process. If you are a business owner and would like to support your sales team to do even a better job, you can consider a field sales app. It will assist your sales team to make orders accurately, access the latest price of products and track sales activities in the areas assigned. Besides, the business owners and managers can still use the same app to know the sales happenings in the field directly from the office, in nearly real time.

The skills of a competent sales representative include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Customer care skills
  • Persistence
  • Energetic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Adventurous
  • Extroverted
  • Confident
  • Optimistic
  • Persuasive
  • Motivational

To be more successful, a sales rep also needs to have experience with different sales tactics and great skills when talking to potential clients. These are the reasons behind some companies training their employees on the ways and tactics they want their products to be promoted.

The benefits of having sales representatives to a business

Whether you are an inside sales rep or an outside sales rep, you are an important person to your company. Even with the rise of marketing technology, the role of traditional sales processes cannot just be eliminated yet. However, if you combine both the traditional sales and technology sales, you are likely to get even better results. For instance, field sales software is a great tool when it comes to sales and marketing products in a business. The software can assist your sales team with valuable insights to drive more sales. Also, below are other advantages of incorporating a sales rep in your business.

Increase products visibility

A competent sales rep can help a business market its products. When there is a team specifically assigned to increase the visibility of a brand, there are higher chances of taking that brand to the right audience. More so, the sales reps role is to visit their clients and potential clients to promote their products. Even if they will not make sales right away, when these clients need what you are selling, they will be the one coming to you.

Handle the clients

A business will need sales reps to handle the clients and monitor the sales process. This will help them to cross business deals when the deal is ripe. Without a sales rep in the picture, some prospects will end up not buying the products because they are not sure if they will suit their needs. In the case of a wholesaler, they may not know if their clients will be interested in the products. Hence, when the sales rep is equipped with the right tools, they can boost sales by building a good relationship with your customers.

Speed up the purchase process

When you have sales reps going to the field to meet clients, they will assist your clients through the purchasing process, thus, make sales quickly. Remember a decision to buy a product starts with research. So, when the sales reps meet potential clients even before they consider checking with your competitors, higher chances are, they will win such clients. The sales reps will only be required to be confident and knowledgeable about the products they are selling. With little convincing, your business can win the client pretty much easier.


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