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Say what you may, but pandemic weddings were a blessing in disguise for many couples and we can vouch for it. The concept of big fat weddings was not only doused in the background of keeping up with societal expectations but also glamorized going into debt for many. When COVID-19 turned the world of events upside down, people realized that not only are small-scale weddings much more enjoyable but also have a bounty of benefits. For starters, the pressure to be perfect and have everything work smoothly in a crowd of thousand guests is no longer applicable. Curious to know why smaller weddings in Atlanta will be the theme for 2022? For the reasons mentioned below, many couples are actively choosing to have an exclusive wedding with a handful of guests.

1. Lesser stress

Wedding preparations can give anyone a migraine due to the number of details that go into curating the perfect event. Up until D-day, there are things that are half-done or need to be completed, which is what big weddings look like most of the time. Not to forget, the chaos that ensues with so many attendees is overwhelming. IF you’re an introverted couple, you’ll be taking the next year to recover your social batteries from such an event. A smaller wedding eases the stress off the couple, managing preparations relatively efficiently.

2. Easier bridal preparations

Every bride’s nightmare is to have her plans half-done with time running out. A smaller wedding allows the bride to have her time soaking in all the attention and doting of her close friends while they prepare. Dress fitting is one such occasion that can’t be rushed. It can be turned into a complete experience at custom bridal shops in Atlanta, where small weddings allow the bride some time to herself and her friends.

3. The couple can enjoy their day

A wedding is about the couple in the spotlight, but the attention usually is taken up by everyone and everything except the bride and groom. A smaller wedding brings the occasion back to its rightful focus, the couple for the day. Oftentimes in huge scale weddings where over two hundred to three hundred guests are expected to attend, the bride and groom are too stressed out and can’t wait to be done with the entire ceremony. When they don’t have to bother much about keeping up with appearances and meeting so many people, the couple can take the time to enjoy their wedding ceremony with a limited number of guests.

4. Savings that could help a new beginning

Big weddings cost a fortune and can put you several thousands of dollars back in the financial progress. Smaller weddings are by no means thrifting, but help you create a beautiful destination event without worrying about the guests. Also, you’ll still save some money, which could be used for the honeymoon or better things like shopping for new home accessories.
Wrapping Up

A wedding is ultimately about the bride and groom, which is where the narrative is shifting back, thanks to quaint yet classy weddings. We hope that this blog convinces you to say your vows in front of a private audience who truly care for you.


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