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Usually, when someone thinks of casino games, they take it to be a man’s world. However, according to the UK Gambling Commission report 2019, about 43% of the gamblers are women. Be that as it may, it is an interesting topic to take a look at and understand which games attract women.

In this article, you will find out about the games that are most popular among women.

Jackpot Slots

Women love to crack jackpots by playing jackpot slots. It is the ideal game for women who want to play high stakes. These are known as jackpot games. They take an interest in these games because they award the maximum. As women get to play the game using the promotional offers the online casinos offer, it is highly appealing to them. Jackpot games are not just appealing due to their high stakes but provide payouts that the ladies out there take to be alluring. Since the slots don’t require you to formulate a strategy, it saves them time. Thus, they have better freedom to enjoy the game. Slots are not just preferred by women but also by men. Before playing the real money, gamblers try out the Cleopatra free slots and other demo slots to get an idea about how it works. Jackpot slots are entertaining experiences for the punter, no matter whether you are new or seasoned. This is the reason women tend to be more drawn to it.


Another popular game is roulette. The majority of women love playing this table game. Roulette is enough to attract a woman who is feeling lucky. The game originated in France, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that women tend to be drawn to it. You will find 2 popular roulette variants, European and American. European roulette is the most popular version. This is because the odds are much better than the other version. It is also popular because women prefer playing a roulette game that is commonly appreciated by punters. Almost all casinos offer these two variants. Since it is all about betting on the number where you think the ball will come to a stop, there is not much to understand. This helps you save time learning about the game. The European version is fast-paced and can be easily understood. Punters can play it for a high stake. Even celebrities like Pamela Anderson play this game.

Texas Hold’em

You can generalize and say that women love playing poker. However, there are several variants of this card game, and there are a few that women don’t get attracted to. One of the most popular poker games among the ladies is Texas Hold’em. The biggest poker events across the world are known to draw female competitors. Among the iconic female players is Jennifer Tilly.

Video Poker

Another poker game that has become quite popular among female punters is video poker. It is played on a machine that is just like slots. Nevertheless, it would appear that what primarily attracts women to the game is live poker. Video poker has opened the door for all the video game enthusiasts out there.


In case you haven’t heard about it, you should know it is a combination of bingo and slot. There is nothing better than two favourites coming together to form one game. The two games combine to give punters a unique experience. It appears like the concept of theme slots with the structure of bingo. Slingo is a relatively new concept over the internet, and it is highly regarded by female punters.


In case you have ever visited a bingo hall when the game is in progress, you will see that most of the audience is women. It is reported that 75% of bingo players are females. They tend to be drawn to it. The game involves matching numbers. This makes sense as it is a pretty interactive game. Women can play bingo online or in a land-based casino. The whole process is social, whether they play it offline or online. There is so much fun to be had in the game, and that is what girls look for.

Regardless of what type of game ladies pick, most probably they will do it online. Most of them, 70%, choose to gamble on the web through apps and websites. This is what has contributed to the rise of female participation in gambling. Previously, ladies were reluctant to enter land-based casinos, so now they have the option to play it from the comfort of their homes.


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