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The integrity of the structure of your home entirely depends on your drainage system. A house won’t stand if its foundation has been damaged with water. Maybe a home crumbling beneath your feet is an extreme example of the consequences that can come with not having adequate water drainage system. Still, a home can suffer from a massive amount of foundational issues that can affect the leveling and value of the home. How do we keep our home’s foundation intact and on the ground? Consider these valuable tips on how to obtain good drainage:

Keep the Gutters Clean

This is a simple step that homeowners often neglect. You may be thinking that keeping the drainage in your home in working order requires expensive maintenance and will certainly lead to expensive repairs. It will not when you take care of the simple things. When these guys are blocked the rain that is supposed to be carried away will fall to the ground. As it becomes absorbed by the soil, it may meet your foundation.

Get A Functioning Drain System for Your Basement

Not every home has a basement. Basements are less common in areas that are vulnerable to flooding. As such, they are great at retaining water. To provide the best protection you possibly can to your basement, you should install an exterior drain system. This won’t only carry it away from your basement, but your entire house as well. Professional companies can also help you more with your house drainage system.

Graded Ground

The soil level around your home can keep unwanted water away. The best tactic is to make sure there is at least a six-inch slope within the first ten feet of soil around your house. This slope is small enough to not affect the way your yard looks. It only adds valuable protection with a method that is easy and well proven.

Checking for Leaks

Leeks in your plumbing can cause foundation issues. You should have a plumber check out your sewage system to make sure there are no pipes that need lining. There is also a Medway Company that can help you more with your house drainage system.

Check the Roof

Water leaking into the roof can drip all the way down to the surface. Go into your attic and see if you notice any wet spots on the ground or water trickling in. It is also a good idea to look at the top of your roof. You may notice that there are missing or crooked shingles. This makes it much easier for the elements to make holes. Shingles are not only for aesthetic purposes.

Get A Sump Pump

Getting a sump pump in the basement is a good investment. It can help prevent floods that can damage your foundation and anything else that is located there. Sump pumps work by draining water away once it reaches a certain level. They can sense that the water level has become too high and will suck it away from the area.

It Seems Counterproductive: Don’t Let Your Soil Completely Dry Out

While a lot of the advice already given has been about preventing moisture, it is also important to not let your soil drain out completely. In some areas it is not uncommon for a homeowner to experience a drought. That is why the Las Vegas area is not famous for its farms. Cracks in the foundation can be caused by the soil rapidly expanding when moisture is present in a large amount after it was completely dry. It is important for more reason than one to periodically wet the soil. Most homeowners do this to keep their grass nice and green. It can also benefit them by preventing their soil from drying out. Planting trees too close to the home can also cause the soil to dry out. Trees are more powerful than any other plant when it comes to sucking up water with their roots.

Problems That Can Arise

Other problems can arise from a home not having proper drainage besides a damaged foundation. Homes that have problems with excess water are more vulnerable to mold and insect infestations. The concrete on a patio or driveway can discolor. The exterior walls may also suffer from the same problem. Termites also enjoy a moist environment to escape summer heat.

Taking Care of The Problem

A lot of the maintenance can be done by yourself. If you need assistance there are several professionals that can keep your drainage in check. Your best asset is a highly qualified and trained plumber. Other professionals like roofers and landscapers may be of help. There are several companies that provide foundation repair. Remember, maintenance is much more important and is sure to lead to avoiding a lot of problems later. As you have learned, more than one issue can be caused by poor water drainage in the home. Be sure to take care of as many as you can to achieve the best result.


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