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Nothing spoils a man’s ensemble like a pair of deformed pants pockets. However, for fashion-conscious people who bring more than just a wallet, some keys, and the necessities of everyday activities, there are not enough front pockets to carry them daily. Fortunately, the fashion industry is overflowing with trendy men’s bags.

Here are the essential men’s bags that you need to have:


Just like shoes and hoodies, the backpack may be one of the most common items that everyone owns throughout the last decade. It is the most flexible design from this list, but it is also the only one that you can buy multiple items and still get to use them for many purposes.

Based on your preferences, it can be comfortable backpacks for a smart-casual traveller, a sturdy recreational companion, or a fitness partner for your workout equipment.

Tote Bag

The tote bag lies at the middle point between a suitcase and a backpack on a shifting formality range. It is spacious enough to lug on your workout clothes and some sports gear, but stylish enough that a street fashion photographer could still capture your style well. A compact, easy-to-use structure, it can be your travel bag, school bag, and even for shopping.


A classic briefcase is the greatest friend of the downtown resident. It is efficient and functional, and when you purchase a tough one, there is no reason for it not to last you a long time. Also, nothing undermines your James Bond aura like a rugged bag slung across the back of your dress shirt, rendering this elegant option among all the available men’s bags in the market is the best fit for tailoring.

Gym Bag

Regardless if you’re a professional bodybuilder or a workout newbie, having a single bag for workout purposes is important. It is usually waterproof and is most likely a duffel bag. Having one radiates confidence, so newbies are encouraged to get one. Especially if factors as insignificant as being unable to wear matching socks, or even not getting enough power on your smartphone, can seem like some sign to skip. Never let a ragged gym bag act as another excuse to hide under your blanket and sleep instead of exercising.

Cross-body Bag

Here is a little uncomfortable truth for everyone who believes streetwear is just pompous marketing, and an outrageously extravagant irony: a cross-body bag is the most realistic daily bag from everything we have listed. If you have a notebook or workout gear with you, this item that was once identified as a bum bag is excellent for what many of us bring around nowadays: wallet, phone, and keys.

Messenger Bag

The trendy messenger bag maintains its usefulness, plus incorporates some aesthetic appeal. Useful for carrying laptops, documents, and small items– you can now customise this style of bag to your look. Between vintage fashion, corporate powerhouse, to the hip-hop street artist, anyone can use it.

Laptop Bag

Odds are your netbook might be the most valuable thing you have ever hauled around with you every day. With this in perspective, having it safe and protected is never to be treated lightly as this piece of technology is essential. Choosing a sleek bag to store your laptop computer will better accentuate your ensemble, and even brighten up a boring business getup.

The point is to choose the best men’s bags that make you feel confident and is comfortable to carry because it brings the most impact into your style. Spend the time to switch your bags to match your style. It indicates that you are the person who has an eye for detail.


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